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  • I hear you about the cold weather. For about a month it has been getting down to the high 40s at night which is almost unheard of in the LA area. Lately I have had to wear a ski jacket to walk the dog. Even the dog has been avoiding going outside to the back yard. We leave fluffy throws on the living room couches and she usually finds one to curl up in. When I drive to work in the morning there is no heat as I'm in EV mode and thus the engine is cold. I could turn on the heater but that would cause the engine to turn on which would cause a dreaded hit to my gas mileage. I have also noticed that my EV battery seems to charge to a lower capacity when it is cold and I can't turn on the charger until after midnight when the low electricity rates kick in but it is colder then. It seems that winter is mucking everything up except for those who spend their weekends skiing up on Mammoth Mountain. They seem to be the happiest. The rest of us suffer.

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    • Hey Ray - You must not be in the valleys, as they've been down to freezing a few times. I live near the beach in L.A., so your description of the temps recently match what I've seen. Pretty funny about your dog. I think we're gonna have a record-high gas (space heating, not car) bill this winter

      I don't imagine our friends in really cold places are very sympathetic to our plight, this winter :)

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