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  • raybans2 raybans2 Feb 9, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    Dreaming about AGNC Papiliones

    amo, amas, amare - I love, you love, to love.

    The priest from which I took Latin was arrogant beyond what most could imagination. He would berate us for our feeble attempts to translate in real time commenting regularly of our incompetence. It was as if he considered us unworthy students or maybe just unworthy to speak the language. I'm guessing that it was this attitude that landed him the position of teacher, one he seemed to loath to do well. I can still remember him walking into the class room and looking out at his students in disdain as if he was thinking. "Oh you again." Forget being late. You would be locked out of the room and he would ignore your knocks. No one was late.

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    • RayB,

      What you wrote is true. We had to start each day for four years reciting in unison these conjugations. Here is what the conjugation looks like and the way we recited it:

      amo (I love)
      amare (to love)
      amavi (I loved)
      amatus (loved)

      1) Present Indicative
      2) Infinitive(future)
      3) Perfect Indicative
      4) Perfect Passive Participle(imperative)

      We would start each day reciting in unison:

      Laudo, Laudare, Laudavi, Laudatus

      Laudare: To Praise!!


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