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  • fix_your_spin fix_your_spin Feb 19, 2013 3:41 PM Flag

    raybans...ALL THAT GUM FLAPPIN' LEFT WING BILL O'REILLY SARAH PAHLIN JIVE. YOUR definative statements IE chinese

    DO YOU REALLY THINK ALL THE CHINESE GET IQ TESTED? You are grading on a serious curve dude. further, the financial crisis was is full swing BEFORE OBAMA. Now you wish to question your betters judgements WHEN PREZ...IS JUST A POSITION...AND THE RUPUBS...HAVE BEEN IN CHARGE. The problem with your view is it's based on doomed monetary leverage on a global scale. You are way out of your pay grade. Further many of the bail outs were prior to current admin. We had a surplus with Clinton. We can get there again. All must pay a fair share. OH AND AMT. TAX WAS ...GOING STRONG DURING THE BUSHES ERA. crippling the middle class, while MILLIONAIRE SALARIES WERE EXEMPT FROM TAXATION. NOT FAIR. NOT THE AMERICAN WAY. GO USA. GOVT. BASHING ISN'T OFFERING ANY SOLUTIONS. JUST CLAIM WE SHOULDN'T SPEND. TOO RESTRICTIVE AND NOT A GLOBAL PLAN. PROTECTIONISM WON'T WORK NOW.

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    • You should do your home work. Tax rates may be lower but the 1% are paying a higher percentage of taxes relative to the rest of the population than they ever have because most of the tax loop holes have been closed. The fact is that liberals simply want more. They will always want more because they will never be satisfied. No amount of taxes will ever quench their thirst for more of someone else's money, money that they did not earn yet they want it anyway. And when they get more they will want even more. They will keep taking until there is nothing left to take which will be when the economy is laid waste in their wake. When I think of this morass I get images of zombies roaming the landscape grasping for and screaming for the brains of the living.

      Face it, liberals are addicted to other people's money to the point that they cannot survive on their own without it. They are junkies incompetent at running their own lives independent of others. How many parasites can a host withstand before is withers and dies?

      If you look at the liberal cause, it's all about getting from someone else and giving it to their own with the pretense that their motives are righteous when nothing could be more from the truth. Their primary motivation is to take from others but that is not enough because they also want control. Give them a plan where one gets the same result but they don't have control and they reject it. Why? Because their leaders crave power as well. They want to be able to tell you want you can and cannot do or they are not satisfied. They seek the gratifying feeling that power gives them. It gives them the illusion of happiness and thus they can never get enough of it. Not that conservatives don't want power as well but one should not be disillusioned that liberal leaders are any better because they are not. Power is a drug for these people and it is naive to imagine otherwise. And their base motives are as selfish as they get.

      There is a fine art to taking other people's money and at the same time getting people to believe that there is nothing wrong with it. You have to be a real piece of work to convince people that they can do this with a clear conscious. Most people are not this adept and that is why you always hear people using the same old catch phrases that only a few have coined. Because in order to seem legitimate they need these reassurances from their leaders and they reuse their words to feel that what they want is right. But if it was so simple and clear and obvious to all then why do people have to be indoctrinated into it? Why does it have to be taught?

    • GET LOST

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    • Here here !!! I was reading you jumbled post and dozed off. Are you aware that you can post volumes of rants and BS and it changes nothing. Only you or a equal egotist would read the #$%$.

    • I find it interesting that you mention the bail outs which one would suspect would be a subject that the Democratic party would wish was long forgotten but thank you very much for bringing it up. After all, Bushes bail outs were paid back at a profit and the other half of the TARP money that Obama got his hands on was distributed as give aways in most cases with no intension of ever getting paid back. So it seems quite interesting to me that you would even mention it. But then maybe this is just confirmation of what I was saying. Or maybe you are a glutton for torture.

      The IQs of just about everyone all over the world have been tested to ad infinitum. And in China they even know which regions of China have higher and lower IQs relative to each other. They are in fact very thoroughly tested in China. Contrary to what you may think but this is an area of intense research and many PHDs, mostly outside the US, have spent their entire career studying IQ variations around the world and how to test for it in ways that don't favor one culture over another. It turns out that Jews have the highest IQs as a group, 15 points higher than Europeans or one sigma. That would be one standard deviation for a normal distribution if you don't know. Why do you think that most of the early theoretical discoveries in atomic physics were made by Jewish scientist when their numbers make them an almost insignificant part of the population over all? Just because they are hard workers? No, because the probability of getting someone with a 175 IQ, which is 5 sigma from the mean, is 100 times more likely for someone from a population with a mean IQ of 115 versus 100. And that is why the Iranians who have a mean IQ of 85 are struggling with copying something that was already proved possible a half century ago because the likelihood of them having someone with a 175 IQ is a near impossibility. They will have 0.1 people with 175 IQ for every 100 million people where as Jews will have 316 for every 10 million people. Of course it doesn't help that the Israelis are assonating the few gifted scientist the Iranians do have whenever they can.

      The European universities don't have the prejudices that we have toward distorting such data because they have no motivation to do so. But it is often the case if you want to hear what is really going on in the world you need to seek sources outside the US. But that is nothing new. We are known for having a lot of misinformation here in the US. People expect us to think like this.

      No one is talking about protectionism. What people what is "fair" trade with countries that do not manipulate their currencies to give them a competitive advantage at the cost of American jobs. That is not protectionism. It is called playing by the same rules.

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