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  • faaqcee faaqcee Feb 22, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

    OT: New MB

    Does anyone know how to scroll up or view one's tiyped messeges in order to proofreed.
    I cannot find a way to do this.
    I am sure Yahoo, in all its wisdom, did not negllect to provide this function.

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    • I start out typing into the yahoo box, but usually end up moving out to the iPad Notes app. I write it in Notes and copy over. If I dont, I find way more errors than I expected.

      The very idea of raybans typing those 10 paragraph screeds on an iPhone is too funny.

      In the iPad, tap and old a feature and the pick Open from the popup menu to get it to work. Thats's the only way I can get Reply to work.

      Yahoo has comitted suicide.

    • I hit spell check on a Google Tool Bar and it allows me to scroll and review. It there is no errors which is rare with me I am S.O.L. This is a most miserable O.S. PS the above does not work on my IPhone.

    • Try your up & down arrow keys.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • The up down arrow works but it is still like having tunnel vision. You can see but is it worth it? No matter how much I try I cannot remember how to spell so I need a spell checker. So even when the yahoo editor was usable I never used it.

        My memory sux. I pretty much have to figure everything out from fundamentals over again every time I do something. Thus I could never be a good speller or could never learn to be proficient in a second language no matter how hard I try. My vocabulary should be much larger based on how much I read but I keep forgetting all the new wonderful words that I learn and thus never use them. But I don't mind. Having a bad memory has its advantages. It has forced me to rely on analytical thinking instead which is an advantage in my field. I find it interesting that the better people in my field suffer from the same affliction. They can't remember names, need to use spell checkers, and have to have some kind of organizer to remind them when their meetings are. Mine has a loud buzzer that sounds off as when I get into deep thought I may as well be asleep as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

        I just started to read Brian Herbert's extension to his father's Dune series. I find them just as interesting in plot but they are definitely written for a more general audience who otherwise would tire at trying to decipher the subtle implications that his father would weave into the original series of books. One comes to realize why Frank won the Nebula and Hugo awards. As one become s aware that his books are not so much about science fiction but rather about humanity. All his books were New York Times best sellers. Franks use of the English language is masterful. I just wish that Brian, his son, had not chosen to dumb down the books that he has written but I guess he will make more money doing this as he can reach a larger class of reader who would get mentally fatigued reading his father's books but not his. But those who read to enrich their use of language might chose not to read them. That is not my motivation but from some of the critical reviews I can see that this is what motivates others.

      • Walrus
        my man,

    • I gave up on the yahoo editor. I type into word for windows and then paste it to yahoo. Except for short post like this.

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