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  • architecturaldiva architecturaldiva Feb 27, 2013 11:14 PM Flag

    so...good guys???

    Not that I'm one, but when are the good guys gonna take back this board? This has been the best board I've ever participated in, for as long as I've been involved with stock message boards.
    I hate to see it go away, this way....
    Put all the numskulls on ignore, (it really cleans up the screen, and stop the political stuff and get back to helping each other with stock advise, strategies and tips. Not so hard, really...
    So, Foxy...Bow...ray and raybans...phil...and...or course Doc...and probably even herehear (who I really don't think has anything to do with the "flaming one" as it's been dubbed by some.), and others who I'm sure I have forgotten...Oh Yeah...where the xxx is FN when we need her? too much good wine down there in Temecula?

    LET"S GO GUYS!!!! Get on with it!!!!

    This SPO seems to have brought out a new wave of ....whatever you wanna call em...but it looks like a penny stock board now...

    Don't you guys want to regain the great idea board we had? I know I do...

    New folks are certainly welcome, in my opinion, so long as they don't just clutter up the board with nonsense.

    Sorry...but this is annoying.


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    • Diva,

      As it turns out I picked up 400 Apr31 Calls at $.89 which included fees and commissions. A whole lot better than I thought I would do.

      GL2UA and go AGNC and MTGE.


    • I thought some congratulations were in order.....I think the group did a great job today, keeping things civil and lively, as our host went through the first day of her new years resolutions (I'm talking about AGNC, not me, just in case)

      Maybe my frequent and often not-completely-rational use of the ignore button has done the trick, but whatever, I think today's posting are wonderful and a great leap in the right direction!


    • Totally agree, Diva. I've gotten a lot of great information on this board and over on the MTGE board (as long as Reik and Lenloc aren't throwing mud at each other). The ignore button is an essential tool for keeping your sanity.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • bowhunterron Feb 28, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

      i picked up some April 30 calls @1.65 close to the open, only a few as I have only a partial order filled, I am not going to chase , I will see what the next couple days bring. I was unable to sell any Mar puts at a premium I liked

    • Picked up some April 30 calls at 1.72....going slowly this round since I still feel like the Sequester is going to hit the market and provide more buying opportunity. Dumped the rest of my LINE calls yesterday for a nice profit.

      Anyone else wondering when the market is going to react to the Sequester?

    • bowhunterron Feb 28, 2013 6:28 AM Flag

      Diva, I will also be shorting mar puts at the open, and will look for entry points to buy calls a little later, once I get an idea where AGNC will trade.

    • Diva,

      I'm looking at 500 Apr31 calls at $1.40 or less. This will make my BE at $32.40 and should be an easy profit. I'll monitor the Jun31 calls as well, but I won't get sucked in on any Mar action.

      GL2UA and go AGNC and MTGE.


      • 1 Reply to rimboomer
      • Hey Rim,

        My calcs suggest a subscriber price circa 31.75. At 31.75, the IV Options Calculator kicks out a premium of about .96 for your April 31 calls, and about 1.19 for your June 31 calls. I'm interested in both; the only reason that I might de-leverage with June over April would be to buy protection against the potential ST disruption caused by the (as yet) unknown effects of sequestration. The June OPEX is on the 21st, so the June 31s would give you a pretty good look at the June dividend run as well. Something to think about. Good luck in the morning.


    • Diva,

      To take back the board you have to be aggressive, like me...but you state you are offended by my abrupt(impolite) persona. You think we can politely ask HxH to leave. Uh, Uh, doesn't work. He lies and comes back as a different ID.

      You think like the Chosen One(literally) who wanted to sit down with the President of Iran so Ahmadinejad could see how nice we were. Once understood, all would be well. No?...;-)

      Doesn't work in the real world. Brutality is contained only with greater brutality. But you protest, "Can't we all just get along?". You are such a girl...;-)


      • 2 Replies to reits_r_us
      • Doc - If we were in the streets of Baghdad (or Detroit) I'd agree with you - when someone attacks you, you respond with overwhelming force if you can. But here we're all just quasi-fictional cyber entities who can do no more than rant at each other. People need an audience for their nastiness, and if they don't get it here they'll go somewhere else. Here, the ignore button is the equivalent of banishment, at least from your cyber universe.

        Never argue with idiots. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you on experience. :)

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Hey, Doc - I'm sorry your take away was "you state you are offended..." Maybe you haven't had time to read my follow-on on that thread....?

    • Hi Diva,

      I've been in clinic all day at my satellite office so no info from me other than I'm selling Puts on the open for March on AGNC.


      ""and probably even herehear (who I really don't think has anything to do with the "flaming one"""

      You are dead wrong there and I think MrPhil would agree, as he has gone down into the "bowels of dearth(intended)" with that madman, in all of these signature posts touting socialism which have the unique ID of Hgff101 , resurrected as Heretohear, which is his tamer alter-ego. The irony. he is not here to hear, he is here to blab, on and on and on about everything except AGNC.

      He is a simple virus and should be treated as such. He uses HxH to engage in somewhat civil discourse and then morphs into Mr Hyde through these other entities, At his own admission these flaming posts are nothing more than the machinations of the mad, which describe him to a tee.

      As far as your frustration in seeing him "streaking" across our screen(for that is the exact attention he desires) the words of my favorite counselor are remembered, "Deal with it!!"...;-)


    • I wanna say "sorry" to x and onion and instant, cause I forgot them, but I think they should have been included in the list of valuable contributors. Sorry...

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