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  • steamvettt steamvettt Mar 12, 2013 2:11 PM Flag


    And the dogs camped out here. Doc didn't hold it's discipline after all that noise. And the lemmings all follow along. run little lemmings.....get that 25c. these actions of yours should tell all a little something about your character. so carry on. i will enjoy my div. While the rats scurry away waiting to swoop in and clip the longs earned equity. it's their game and motives. Hog the board bump others......and feel soooo superior while doing those dirty little deeds. i own my shares and believe in the agnc biz model. you manipulators believe in short term gains. Not long term goals. And you will have plenty of trades that won't work. So you will eventually reap what you sow. provoke away. Manipulate and lie. Notice doc said 1/2 thurs. 1/2 fri. And you traders follow a liar. Cool. Enjoy. It faked you followers out. Self serving and pretending to be a team all being played is great for my entertainment.

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    • ...very very...funny. The patient plays are a hoot. Rambling..on
      and on

      and on ...
      and on....
      yet whine about someone else posting their views...

      and on you go with nothing positive...

      just your usual bigotry.
      well all can see how you are all about inclusion......
      you bump others off the board. run homophobic slurs at someone you know nothing about. Latent much do you have some problems you need to discuss.??

      seems you and philly have some things in common. You should chat.

      you both need much attention that is quite clear.
      oh well. go agnc. Best of breed. While the gamblers chase momentum down the food chain to tiny co.'s with short histories...i'll enjoy my div. Oh and laugh at you of course.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Mar 12, 2013 2:56 PM Flag

      Screeching and trolling are no way to go through life, son. We're all enjoying our divs, but you're the only one who considers it a painful experience.

    • What about that promise to your wife, and then you went out and had an affair.
      Shame on you!

      You must not have read their disclaimer at the bottom of their Yahoo profile.
      They have the right to change their mind at any time without prior notice.
      Didn't read it, did ya?

    • or, you can glean some knowledge from the various posts. i plan to enjoy my dividend as well. in fact i already have 70 cents of it. this batch is in a tax sheltered account with purely nominal trade costs, so it does not matter if i sell friday and buy tuesday, or maybe even wait 11 weeks.

      • 1 Reply to mrwizard9090
      • obviously understand agnc has outperformed the market. And you love the div. Yet want more at the risk of damage to the entity itself. And you think that smart. Funny. i do not. and that is against basic company survival. no loyalty. And it will cost in other ways. But hey it's a free market. And trade as you wish. my points are not meant to sell anyone on anything. merely presenting a real owners perspective. Which many here cannot handle. Glty. And trade away. But not assume bigger fish can't read charts and trading patterns. And they have better traders and better pi software. So i tend to invest in best of breed and high quality. dow div. Theory. And most all of the biggest and greatest investors did it this way to wealth.

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