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  • iranianenrichedfuel iranianenrichedfuel Mar 13, 2013 7:01 AM Flag

    Prices before and after $1.25 divvy - history

    Since many are curious about the closing price before X-date and the opening price on the morning of the X-date, I went and looked up the last four 1.25 divvies to see what happened. Ideally, the prices should differ by 1.25, but in reality they could be different. These prices do not take into account what happened in the after market hours or other trading factors affecting the prices. It is quite possible that the prices dipped lower intraday than the open on X-date . So, FWIW:

    X-Date prev close X-date open delta
    12/24/12 31.15 29.76 -1.39
    9/19/12 36.40 34.92 -1.48
    6/19/12 33.61 32.44 -1.17
    3/5/12 31.17 30.12 -1.05

    So we can see how the X-date affects the prices. Those that like to sell before X and buy back on the X-date may be better off or not. Bear in mind, after market hours may show different results.

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    • Another side to this is whether or not long-term holders (1 year+) may show a net gain for AGNC including the divvies and price change. If one is in a DRIP, the price you get for your shares will be different by 5 weeks or so of trading since the X-date. Most likely many have some high priced shares that are still showing net losses, but some will also show gains. Personally I was in the DRIP for awhile but opted out because I would rather now just take the cash initially and decide what to do with it later, either trading AGNC with better prices or buying another stock with the AGNC divvies.

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