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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u Mar 13, 2013 8:19 AM Flag

    Attn Flaming-entity AKA Bozo !!!

    Since my work is complete at AGNC I put many of your posts off ignore and had a big laugh reading them. You have many logins but no name. In absence of you telling us your name I will refer to you as Bozo from now on. The WMC Dividend run beckons. So long Bozo !!!!!

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    • I like the flaming entity reference as I think it is more diverse. As we probably need more representation from the homosexual community on the MB than we currently have. Being tolerant of men who have difficulty regulating their emotions is the next evolutionary step in the drive to be more accepting of others. Try to imagine the chaotic lives that these people endured and how difficult it is for them to remain stoic when they have been through so much. His outburst are an indication of all that he has been though in his life long struggles to achieve acceptance in an intolerant world. Try to emphasize with those who hear many voices in their heads and imagine what it would be like if you had to endure the same. Too often we look down on the down trodden not thinking of the suffering they have endured. So I will choose to continue to think of him as the flaming entity as an indication of my tolerance and compassion of the homosexual community. And I think that others should do the same. Clearly this man needs our support or how else will he ever be welcomed into the fold. After all, in his current state he is susceptible to being manipulated by those who would use them as a political pawn to further their agenda.

      Flaming entity. We understand. We welcome you. We understand that you are a good person deep down. We know that. If I were there with you now I would give you a big hug, so long as you promise not to squeeze my butt.

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