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  • theodore_millon_phd Mar 19, 2013 3:07 PM Flag

    Updated Diagnosis: hgff101 (herexhear)

    Updated Diagnosis: Paranoid Psychosis with Persecutory Delusions
    The subject hgff101 previously diagnosed with Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD) has now slipped into a deeper psychosis. It would appear he now is becoming more schizophrenic. The previously prescribed treatment of ignoring the subject seems to have caused some adverse effects. In an attempt to compensate or be heard, the subject took on a new persona, “herexhear”, who at first was somewhat more civil, attempting desperately to be part of the group. Alas, as with any disguise, he was soon exposed. As “herexhear” was placed on “ignore” by many of the board regulars, the subject became enflamed. “Narcissist Rage” took hold. No narcissist can cope with the idea that he is not important or the center of attention. This sent him into a massive paranoid schizophrenic state. He has since taken on multiple personalities and multiple sign in’s. Several of these names will have a connotation of being anti Doc Reits or MrPhil2u. other names such as “Invest_dontgamble” also appear suggesting being anti-trading. Then the paranoid aspects began to show. He began accusing board members of bigotry, stock manipulation, and con games in some desperate attempt to discredit those who have shun him. He also accuses board posters as “options salesmen” who are somehow collecting fees. The options market is totally electronic. He also manifested a typical persecutory delusion where he is convinced that he is under attack and that other board members are out to get him. To add to this ruse the subject would use his second sign in (herexhear) and speak out against his alter egos; obviously some ill conceived plan to become a champion of the MB. He must have thought that if he were to lash out against the fabricated straw man he would sscore points with the board regulars. This subject just cannot understand how some board posters can be so admired and he can be so despised.

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    • Is this you, Mr.Phil2u? Sounds like you.

    • The first time we went through this, my view was that this board was not the typical yahoo wasteland of people shouting nonsense at each other.

      I was wrong.

      The anonymity feature of the ymb tends towards psychotic-affective posturing that crowds out reasoning.

      Every yahoo message board will eventually degrade and spiral down as we are seeing here.

      • 2 Replies to herexhear
      • The only reason people want anonymity is to fend off people who would use their emotions as a weapon and have that spill over into the real world by having themselves harassed by those who want to quite their opinions. I don't think that anyone cares if anyone knows their opinions. What they care about is avoiding the crazies who would use hostile measures to intimidate others into not expressing them. It is that level of violence they seek to avoid by being anonymous.

      • I have noticed on the AGNC MB I seem to learn more when I shut up and listen to people with better/other ideas than my own. Bozo is too busy flaming to reap much benefit .

    • bump

    • I suppose that when he post under all those other nicks at each time he is a different person with each persona being unaware of the other persona. In one case he thinks he is a famous rock star. In other he thinks he is a street person. In all cases he thinks the needs socialism to make it in life, that is, to surrender responsibility to another like a servant or slave would. After all, it is asking too much to make responsible decisions for ones self that would result in being able live independently and not a financial imposition on others. That would be unreasonable. How could you expect that of anyone? Gasp.

    • Whoever you are, you are one seriously unbalanced lost soul.

      You probably have 25 IDs.

      Its only a matter of time before Yahoo is hacked. One of us will be embarrassed.

      The bizzarre part is, its the politics that you are obsessed about, yet you create these IDs ideas and talk gibberish about options conspiracies.

    • theodore_millon_phd Mar 19, 2013 3:07 PM Flag


      In his mind he is the good one, the righteous one, the one deserving of all attention and praise. Medication is the only answer for this subject. It is obvious that this individual is very disturbed judging by the amount of time he must take out of his days and nights creating log-ins posting, changing log-ins and posting again. Only a mentally delusional adult (or a spoiled child) would believe the hours and hours of such an undertaking as a practical use of one’s time. Board members should just place every new sign in on ignore as soon as it is exposed. It is my immediate recommendation not contact or engage the subject in any way.

      Submitted 19-March-2013
      Theodore Million PhD, ScD

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