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  • nophilordoc nophilordoc Mar 19, 2013 7:55 PM Flag


    SAN FRANCISCO — Alternative folk and rock singer Michelle Shocked has had several shows canceled after making an anti-gay slur at a San Francisco concert.

    Yoshi’s San Francisco Director of Marketing Lisa Bautista told The Associated Press that Shocked had just begun her second set Sunday night when she made comments that included the slur.

    The venue muted her microphone, dimmed the lights and announced the show was over.

    Bautista said Tuesday she was told people in the audience asked Shocked to stop and walked out.

    Shocked was scheduled to perform at the Hopmonk Tavern in Novato, but the Marin Independent Journal reports the March 29 show was canceled.

    At least four other shows also have been canceled, including one in Boulder, Colo., in May for the radio show eTown.

    Request for comment emailed to Shocked and her manager were not immediately

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    • Today's pull back probably had more to do with Europe. They got a little upset when the Government in Cyprus decided to confiscate citizens saving accounts. Socialist seem to think a individual savings can be taken as they decide they are needed. Presidente would never do that, would he ?

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      • Yes indeed and it seems that the people in Cyprus are not happy with the conundrum that socialism has put them into but I doubt they see it that way as all they care about are the freebies and not the cost that someone must pay, even them at this point so it seems. How this came to be is nothing they even want to understand. When I get an image of these people I imagine a lot of little baby birds begging for the worm from their mother bird who must pick a mouth for it to fall into. They all scurry to be the one who receives it not caring about the others who will not. It is selfishness in its purest form.

      • Now philly baby.....why dis the prez? now you may not like some of his off court moves, but no way. Savings accounts in ...america ...very safe...insured in fact. Fdic....but hey those scoundrels in congress. that good ol' boy system. Needs remodeling. fire them all. Rule by committee. Get rid of the lawyers breaking our country. hire executives qualified to lead. And so on....right philly? But hey fyi cyprus has huge foreign deposits. It will be fun to watch how they handle this. He he...those europeans....too many kids. Too many legacy costs...pensions...depotism and nepotism...and ...anyway...yeah....usa!!! But hey philly will they...could they drag us into double dip recession.??? My models says....yep. see ya....

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