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  • rrsscchhwwaa rrsscchhwwaa Mar 20, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Cook should be terminated!

    He is bringing a great company down by not making the right decisions on promoting and expanding the growth.
    He thinks in a vacuum and does not see the big picture. Other companies are making moves and leaving Apple to play catch up instead of the other way around.
    Wake up Apple.. You are the "Big Apple" not Samsung... Why let them take a Bite
    If I had Apple's money I would hire the best people out there to promote and get the share price
    back up.

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    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Mar 20, 2013 12:01 PM Flag

      taxes were too low

      especially on offshored business

      it's allowed capital to accrue to those who don't have any reason to use it, and it's stunting economic growth

      #$%$ durbin just introduced a bill to raise the minimum wage to $22/hr. it won't go anywhere, because small businesses legitimately can't double their workers' pay and survive. but it points out where a worker's wage was 30 years ago vs. now. all of those small businesses only exist because the big businesses have kept wages depressed. that shouldn't be that way, but the big businesses have soaked up the capital that should be allowing small businesses to pay that $22/hr and still thrive.

      we let the economic system get skewed by reaganomics to enhance the "them that has, gets" power of capitalism, and it's done its job. them that had, have, and everyone else is scraping for leftovers.

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      • YBFITW !!! Much business and Capital is offshore because of the USA non competitive tax structure.

      • Here we go again the premier idiots r bored and will start arguing endlessly back + forth wasting bandwidth.

      • With all the low educated illegal immigrants doing jobs that could have been replaced with automation but haven't because their wages are low enough to afford, all you will accomplish by raising minimum wage that much is to motivate companies to invest more in automation. I agree that the minimum wage is too low but you can’t change it without considering the ramifications. Had they sealed the borders in the 1980s when they implemented the last amnesty we would not be in this situation and minimum wage would be much higher than it is today. But with the flood of illegal aliens into the US there is no way to keep them employed at higher wages. Companies will simply figure out a way to get the work done with fewer workers because they have to.

        A company cannot arbitrarily choose their labor budget and then price their products to account for it. It doesn’t work that way. First the price of a product is set to what people are willing to pay and then the amount you can budget for labor is determined based on that. In a global economy that cost cannot simply go up because a labor law deems it because there are outside forces that are beyond the reach of such laws and thus the price of a product must remain unchanged and thus the cost of labor with it. This implies that another solution will be required. Yes people will make more but there will be fewer of them making it and this leads to higher unemployment. The impact of illegal immigration is a foregone conclusion. Pandora’s box is already open and we cannot pretend that it wasn’t less we submit ourselves to unintended consequences. The Democrats can win votes with this line of reasoning but they won’t help the guy who will be left without a job. But then I'm not sure that they care.

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