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  • glaring_truth Mar 21, 2013 10:19 AM Flag



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    • You too can be a rightie. First, don't bandy it about to just anyone that you're gay. If it's too late for that move to another city preferably Washington DC. The right is full of closet queens and you can get a good job bashing your fellow gays by word or in print. Accumulate a nest egg and take your time learning about investing. Best of luck.

    • Can't you get disability?

    • I can see that we are making wonderful progress now that you are getting in touch to your inner gayness. Congratulations little flaming one. I would like to point out that it is not a good sign to see you talking to yourself on the message board. This seems to be the last hurdle to your rehabilitation. But don't fret. "Help is on the way."

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      • Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention. There is a cure for your affliction. It starts with not looking at the world the way you would like it to be but rather the way that it actually is. That way you can make decisions that actually work in practice because things start happening they way you expect them to. It's not that hard to do. It is really rather easy. Whenever you find your self wanting to argue with someone else's perception ask your self. "Where did this urge originate from?" You may be surprised to find that when you work it all the way back to it's origins that it is based on what someone else's concept of reality is and that it did not originate from your own life experiences. When you can free your mind of this random clutter that others have imposed on you then you will find that things actually start to make sense. Of course it requires you to be logical in order to come to conclusions on your own that make sense. Basically it is like this. If spiders can walk up walls this does not imply that everything that walks up a wall is a spider. Think about it. Or you can just go though life reacting to the negative input of others as the means to develop your perception of what you should do or what you should think but then you will be what they have made you to be and not your own man. You will be their ideological gofer. What a depressing thought.

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