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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u Mar 29, 2013 8:13 PM Flag

    Doc re: glad

    Could you post a list of the stocks with buy, sell X -+. The information is getting unwieldy . Thank you Phil

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    • Doc
      question. I have been trading arr similar to you and others , looking also at fsc, clm, cfp. I understand the buy and sell point, I also do not mind doubling up on arr if down after buy point. Please explain what GLAD means or what percent of 100k account you use each month. or just a brief overview of the system. I am looking to grow an account and put more in each month. Thanks in advance

    • Buy.............Sell

      ARR. X+2.............X-1

      ARR and FSC are the only Non-GLAD stocks. All are 3%. All are buy on any spo(no later than X-6).

      Jess has a few differences on ARR than me. That is it. IMO, it is not unwieldy. What is, is the actual placement of the individual stocks EX dates on a calendar and adding and subtracting the appropriate days for entry and exit. Most traders won't do it. That's basically because the majority of folks are lazy( sorry, but its true). Most folks will #$%$ and moan after their first loss and quit, thinking its a waste of time, etc.

      Anything worthwhile and giving a trader financial independence is a gift, and yet one year from now, I am willing to bet anyone in the hearing of my voice, that there will be less than 5-10 people still trading with me.

      It is what it is. I offer a free gift. We are taught we get what we pay for and the Dim One will say Amen. I would like, as the Dim One says, everyone to buy not only my book but everyone's book. He is too Dim( hence the name) to realize that we all win when we buy at the same time and our shares rise together.

      I wish you well,


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