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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Apr 20, 2013 5:20 PM Flag

    Glad/3% Consolidated Rules

    Hey Everyone!!

    All the GLAD/3% Rules on a single(well maybe double) sheet you can print, I made up for a private investor who e-mailed me today. You can obtain a copy at DocReits@gmail.:c:o:m: without the colons of course. I will be happy to e-mail the revised and current Rules to anyone interested. I even have a revision to the Stop Rules today.

    Hey, too. I think after you start paper trading with us and eventually save up some real money, you will enjoy, and, who knows, we might become great friends, with you a firm convert to GLAD/3%. Kind of like St. Paul on his Damascus road experience. He saw the light and the errors of his might also. You might even have to change your moniker to something like:


    You now at least have my e-mail, so you can direct your love campaign directly at me. I won't even be a moving target...;-)



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    • So is that it for the happy hundred, trading the Sweet Six? Going once, going twice.....;-)

      Glad trading to all who requested the Rules,


    • Hi reits_r_us,
      Can you send me GLAD/3% Rules so that i can test it and benfit from it if it works, i have sent you a email to the above mentioned adress


      Sentiment: Buy

    • Thanks again for all of the requests. I was a little overwhelmed with what confirmed my suspicions I have voiced wit,,,There are a heck of a lot of you listening in, who basically are the quiet majority. The Critics, concerning my agenda, have a point in that if 100 of us each buy 5000 shares each at the Glad entry on these low volume stocks we can definitely have a short term influence on PPS movement. That is 500,000 shares!!

      Whoopee, we will all move the PPS in the positive direction, which will influence others to buy and we will see great PPS appreciation until X-1, when the PPS will fall as we see the Cornerstone stocks doing these past few days and then we all buy, driving the PPS back up to X-1 and then sell, driving the PPS down , etc., etc., etc. Almost sounds like a historical statistically significant cycle to me. How about you?...;-)


    • Hey I was able to send out the gobs of requests you were kind enough to e-mail me. A little overwhelming how many folks I had never known were listening.

      There was one," Don in Tampa" that I kept getting returned to me, as undeliverable and I tried three times Don. You might want to send me an alternate e-mail to send your request to. Sorry, I tried...;-(


    • Doc, thanks for the super quick reply to my email!
      I have TD Ameritrade and do have a margin account so I can stretch that 50k.

      I already have a small 500 share postion in FSC that I entered at 10.70 about two weeks ago before I found this board and Glad/3%.
      Question, on FSC it looks like yesterday (Friday) meets the Glad rules if my calculations are correct.
      As I understand the Glad rules I am to enter a a limit order for Monday at .97 of Fridays close of 10.58 = 10.26
      ..... Is this correct?

      Thanks for all your time and all you do for everyone. You're one of the most unselfish people I've ever come across.

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      • Hey maxbids2,

        Thank you for your kind words. I hope you will be better at trading than character assessment though. My wife tells me I am one of the most selfish people she knows, and she doesn't know the half of it.....;-)

        Regarding your question. FSC had a unique occurrence this month in having a SPO on the EX date(11th). The normal Glad entry day for FSC is EX+9 or this coming Wednesday the 24th. We do not use the entry Glad Rules you referenced with FSC, ARR or JTP. We do with the rest(read the Rules).

        We do buy on all SPOs prior to X-6(read the rules). It is normally after this date up until the next (X-7) or May 2nd that we can execute the potential 3% Rule trades.

        So lets walk through this in the manner by which the rules dictate. The 3% Rule is to be used after an initial trade is begun. That initial trade was on the 11th(SPO), so we should have immediately on that close have placed a new order for buying more shares at 3% less than 10.70(close) or 10.38. Well we were not filled on the 12th.

        On the close of the 12th we do the same with the 10.76 close, placing a limit buy order for the next trading day(15th) @ 10.44. That was filled on the 15th. Tonight I placed an order for more FSC @ 10.26(3% less than Friday's close). If filled, that will put me up to 35,000 shares. Sheesh. Hey, I made the Rules..stop complaining Doc....;-)

        You will notice that our Stop should be the average of the hi/lo on the 11th(first fill) x .975 or a 2.5% Stop for the average of the trading day in question. This Stop is (10.77 + 10.62)/2= 10.695. Then times .975 or 10.43. Look at last Wed the 17th. The average of the hi/lo was 10.42. So are we Stopped out?

        Well, according to the Rules printed out in your hands, with FSC we are to only use Stops on the last 7 days of the cycle(or X-7 to X-1). Since we are not there yet this cycle we were not Stopped out. With JTP and the three Cornerstone CEFs you would have been Stopped (cont)...

    • Your a funny guy DocReits

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