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  • jdrmonte jdrmonte Apr 22, 2013 11:14 AM Flag


    Why the price drop in CFP Friday and today. Thanks for any info. jdrmonte

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    • Jd,

      Please look at my reply, already answered under the Thread on the three Cornerstone stocks I posted yesterday.

    • Becoase its POS.

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      • Petar,

        Lets see how GLAD/3% performed during this time of decline, you reference(May 10-June 14, 2012), when the PPS went from a high of 7.15 on May 10th to a low of 5.13 on May 21st.

        Glad entry criteria allows purchase to begin on (X+4) or May 17th. First Glad entry May 24th @ 5.42. 3% entry on June 14th @ 5.36. Exit date on (X-1) at 5.53. total for month based upon my trades of 6,000 shares/entry = .26 profit(6000) = $1560.

        Wait, trading CLM and CRF at the same time:

        Would have added, .34 for CLM and .24 for CRF or an additional $3480, based upon my 6000 shares in each, for a total profit on the Cornerstone threesome of $5040 for the month. This was a combined annualized return of 52% in one month.

        Petar, I would say that POS did OK. Here is the broader lesson. We don't care if it is a POS, which it is not, all I care about with Glad is that Glad stocks "cycle". Meaning that these particular stocks perform with the Glad algorithms getting us in at the low of each cycle and out at a PPS which is higher than that entry. That occurs with each of the SS which I have painstakingly described.

        I have hammered this idea over and over and over showing you and others the repeatable nature of these stocks(almost 90% win rate for the Cornerstone group) and yet you would call this a POS??



      • You could be correct! Time will tell. jdrmonte

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