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  • mrwizard9090 mrwizard9090 Apr 27, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    What the GLAD model is doing

    for me, the verbiage in a string of posts is confusing, so I asked Doc to send me the condensed rules. even more helpful is constructing a spreadsheet that evaluates actual share prices. by actually translating the rules to cell formulas, you can see exactly what is being described by the text. some things:

    1. it keeps you out of the market for some days on either side of the ex-dividend insanity.
    2. it spots an up trend fairly quickly.
    3. it confirms the trend as a real trend, not just a blip, before you make the buy.
    4. it is entirely possible to NOT get a buy signal.
    5. it is aiming for capturing the dividend as a cap gain rather than ordinary income. short term gain, but still capital, which might have different tax treatment.
    6. all of the "sweet six" are monthly payers.
    7. most of the SS are not constantly releasing "news" to the press.
    8. most are very high yield, allowing you to cover your trade costs with just a few shares.
    9. most perform successfully month to month, even though the longer term trend is down.
    10. this is a form of technical analysis that does not require massive amounts of data.

    if you are going to do this

    1. discipline yourself to understand just what it is you are doing.
    2. discipline yourself to only respond to the signals, and leave your "gut" out of it.
    3. discipline yourself to not bet the farm on any one stock or method.

    Yahoo Finance has enough information to back check the method for nearly any listed stock. I suggest that you try that first.

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