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  • xionrevolutions xionrevolutions May 2, 2013 5:12 PM Flag

    OT: NTI ... Dividend Run Up or Downward Capitulation?

    I see that NTI is approaching its distribution declaration date which could be between May 13-15. But I also hear about rumors of an imminent price capitulation for NTI. Which one do you believe is more likely to happen, a distribution run up or a downward capitulation for NTI?

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    • You're out of Line ? I held to long as usual,thinking there would be a run to ex;(similar to my KMP calls) I got out of line at BE yesterday.I bought some calls and shares in NTI hoping for a run to distribution,but don't follow me,I still have some AGNC calls,thinking that earnings would be good ,lol.My hope is that NTI follows Cvrr's trend up.I read that negative piece on NTI,it was based entirely on technical trading charts,nothing about fundamentals.

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      • @ Whosejake1, I left Line with only a small gain the day after the announcement. I guess I'm the reason why it would go up higher than 38.60 after. I was slowly getting out, but I got out successfully. I have 150 NTI $22.50 June calls right now and hoping we go up to at least $27.50-$28pps share and I will evacuate with a small gain, any more is extra gravy.

    • X, i suggest you call Maria (IR) @ NTI. She can be very helpful.

    • I do not have enough knowledge on when the plant upgrade will be done and in which quarter the lower income will have an impact.
      I think they did telegraph the q2 distribution around 1.15.
      There also might be a better opportunity to get in, as a flood of shares just hit the market yesterday.
      For me it is too much of a gamble until I have more knowledge.

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