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  • mabelleray mabelleray May 3, 2013 12:06 AM Flag

    If the government writes down principle they can go to h,,,,

    This is America not charity land , they don't pay me for mistakes I make, screw this I'm #$%$

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    • if you want an economy in which to continue to get paid by your employer, it may be necessary to get millions of people out from under the debt that's crushing them. and the government won't be writing anything down. they'll be convincing banks that it's the right thing to do. the banks will book a loss and move on, in an orderly fashion, instead of waiting for the sea of bankruptcies looming ahead.

      and it's not charity. the people will still have to pay for their house, and will still have 0 equity as of the principal reduction. they will pay less, but that would have been true if they'd bought the house a couple of years earlier or later, so there's no real change to them other than they have a lower risk of bankruptcy in the future.

      if you want what they're getting, find a way to get yourself into enormous trouble believing someone who's supposed to be in the business of preventing you from becoming their mistake, and then get nothing out of the something the government gives you.

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