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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u May 15, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

    Who Will Miss The Boat??

    Some investors and funds are securing there position at this moment. There hired help is posting trying to scare old people into selling . After the large funds get there desired position the articles from the "Stock Fairy Gunius" at Mötley/Alpha/Cramer will say oversold, buy don't miss this ... Ect . Then the investors who sold in fear will then be afraid they missed the boat . The positive articles have already started. AGNC is displaying upward movement. WMC and ARR will probably tomorrow or day after. The same thing happens over and over again :)

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    • Just picked up another 100 shares in premarket to add to my existing 1200 plus shares...

      Market makers ( The lowest form of life on this planet ) are indeed trying to steal shares as usual___

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    • This reminds me a bit like November when I was able to pick up some shares at $28.50. I was able to sell about 1 month later for $3+ higher plus a $1.25 dividend. Frankly, I was hoping for another bargain like that.

    • So true.
      "Wash , rinse, repeat" I believe YBF has been known to say.
      Once you understand the flow, you can harvest their efforts for your own gain.
      I was once disgusted.
      Got over being attached to how I thought it should be,
      Now I am delighted.

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      • I have traded stock less than two years, I was green and susceptible to pump/bash Guano. It only took a short while to catch on and my IRA balance reflects that. I enjoy a good crash when loose capital is available . I look for WMC and ARR to follow AGNC today , tomorrow at the latest. The best buy prices may be today before lunch on all three.

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