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  • znynick80 znynick80 Jul 10, 2013 3:44 PM Flag

    Based on my experience

    this is a great short. Probably better than any short around other than maybe another high yield REIT. Honestly if you have half a brain and have been following the market more than 5 years you will understand what I am about to write. The stock once traded in the 30's with a very high Dividend yield. When the Institutions couldn't sell the junk to the retail investor at that point they decided to tank the stock. At that point the retail "investor" decided to take the bait around 28-29ish maybe. At that point the stock tanked big time. The retail "investor" continued to average down around 23-26ish maybe. Now at 20-21ish, the retail investor is getting killed but thinks that this could possibly go back to 25 maybe plus the Divy. The problem is the Divy will be cut soon and this will be a single digit stock. Good job institutions for taking the retails money. It took you a long time to get enough suckers to buy into the BS, but you finally hooked them. Bravo.

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