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  • palin_the_skanks palin_the_skanks Aug 24, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

    Is Dr. Klumpy#$%$ Nervous ?? ? .., Sure looks that way


    Hey Klump#$%$.., If you are SOOooOOOooooo SSSsssure REIT's are a "Bubble" and "Ponzi !! " .., Why do you sit here day after day.., hour after Hour..., One this little message board.., And post about it?? Seems to me.., If you were correct.., All you would have to do is sit back and enjoy the fall...., But you post like there is no tomorrow..., Trying to Creat "Fear" and "Panic !!"..., What's the Real Problem Klumps ??? Is Rent for your Trailer due?? ? ..,

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    • Not really, I am doing the same thing I did in the 1970's. When interest rise, I short and trade the downtrend then I wait to buy the remaining entity with all the capital losses 10 to 1 or 8 to 1, for a fraction of their real value to someone who has alot of accumulated capital gains. Say, this REIT, lets call it No-name REIT who sells $100 million in stock and then they leverage 10 to 1 a they have 1 Billion, and say interest rates skyrocket, triple and they loose everything. All the stockholder loose is the original $100 mil. when the stock trades on the pink sheets, but the REIT organization can be sold along with its capital losses carryover of 900 million, which will save a coporation about $450 mil. in corp taxes or an individual $400 mil. in personal taxes. If you buy the entity for $50 mil, you make a 9 bagger. That is where the real money was made in the 1970's bust in the early 1980's. Some people bought the REIT on the IPO for $17.50/sh which was real popular back then and rode it to high 20's to low 30's before the short lived boom ended. If the sold, they booked a 2 bagger, but those people were few and far between. The $20 billion raise to build the Sear's Tower here in Chicago and many other skyscrapers, 15 Billion never was repaid, all defaults. Trump loved the 1970's and 1980's it was like free money to develop properties. In the 1990's and 2000's it was the S&L's and Banks who borrowed so easily with no intention of paying it back. Same cycle, over and over, the little guy is always left holding the stock certificates and the big boys like Trump and the skyscraper owners are left holding tangible real assets with very little debt.

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