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  • hawkster654 hawkster654 Sep 17, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    the 10 year bond will down to 2.25, and mortgages will drop to 2.75% 30y maybe lower.

    we can't afford anything higher with these part time no benefit jobs.

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    • Yes, poverty will rise for some, but as inflation returns and interest rates rise, those who managed to work full time or more than one job will be rewarded. We are slowly returning to a Bob Hope economy where hard work, brains and skill will be rewarded handsomely but with it, the underperformer, whether by their own fault or the system will bare more pain. This has been like the 1970's, double digit inflation in reality, but the gov. insisting it is only 2% and only raising pay and social security 1% on average per year, stagflation always hurts the most vulnerable, but the middle class will be reborn with new wealther creation and the rich will stagnate and watch their millions and billions in 3%-4% return asset slowly loose 50% of their value as the yields rise to 6%-8%. The new FED chairman will rein over "THE GREAT WEALTH REBUILDING OF THE MIDDLE CLASS", the rich will get slammed hard, but they made it easy the last 4 years, but the poor, as ussual will just get poorer, oh, they will raise minimum wage somewhat, but they will always loose out to inflation, so they will improvise, just like they have always done in the past, history repeats over and over for 1000's of years, nothing much has changed.

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      • How are things in the asylum?? You are truly delusional. This is the opposite of the 70s and requires the opposite treatment. We need 0 rates and QE until velocity returns to normal levels.

      • klumps, inflation can't return and interest rates can't rise with such a high percentage of unemployed and underemployed in the population.

      • I'm not saying I can contest your points, I just don't understand how you got to them logically. Normally I would not think that lose money policies lead to greater wealth for anyone except that the government gets to spend our savings surreptitiously in effect and it affects everyone, not just the rich. Debasing the dollar cuts across all classes. It hurts everyone. Granted the saver gets reamed the most as the value of accounts are lost which includes the middle class but even the poor are hurt in that their wages buy less. Only the guy who borrowed money recklessly may come out ahead as inflation wipes out his debt assuming that wages get adjusted higher but they can claim bankruptcy every 7 years anyway so it probably makes no difference. Either way they never pay for what they take. Parasites will always feed on others no matter what the conditions are. In the end they pay because they end up in a trailer home in the desert in squalor with little to show for their life other than the memories no one wants to hear about. Under those circumstances even their dog might go looking for a new owner.

    • I have a solution. Let’s pass immigration reform and cause 38 million more people to be in the US job market and thus massively increase unemployment and then let’s raise minimum wage so that unemployment goes even higher.

      I'm for raising minimum wage. It is way too low compared to where it was when I was just starting out. But with all the illegal immigrants how can we keep unemployment low and raise wages at the same time? Isn't everyone tired already of worrying what will happen if they lose their job? Isn't it enough already?

      We need tighter borders before we can solve most of our other problems because it is all interrelated. Most of these problems are related to the working population growing faster than the economy. Obviously that creates more competition for jobs, lower wages, and more unemployment. Haven't we had enough of this situation already?

      Liberal politicians would open the borders because these people vote Democratic to get freebies and thus Democratic politicians get increased power via their vote as a result, votes that they have bought. But that may help them but it hurts us. What do you care about how much power these guys have because the more power they get the more it cost us? Aren't we paying enough already yet we get little in return except to those who pay little if any? It is our lives they are messing with while they eat at the best restaurants and drink the finest wines. Enough already, we should flush them all and let them join the ranks of the unemployed and see how they like it. After all, they caused the situation by allowing this influx. Let them reap what they sowed.

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      • Even worst than that in Silicon Valley. Try getting a tech job at firms dominated by Chinese or Indian engineers. If you are a WASP., you can forget about it. At the same time our technology is being stolen.

        Apple, Google etc, who were found guilty of an agreement not to hire each others engineers, pushing to increase number of H1B engineers to keep salaries down.

        How stupid can we be?

      • Raybans2. All good points. My mother is a "limosine liberal" I am most decidedly conservative. She and I totally agree on this. Let me say's not JUST illegal immigrants. OVERPOPULATION everywhere but in our country as well is going to kill the entire world. Do you know how many of our problems would be non-existent if our pop in this country was 250 million instead of going on 450 million?? Poor, uneducated, lazy, tattoo laden immature obese slobs are having four and five children with many different partners. Who supports them? We do. oh and there's the other problem of energy/water shortage coupled with pollution and overcrowding. Two parents....two children. At MOST. And....if you can't feed'em don't breed'em.

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      • rabanys2, You are spot on. Ask those in favor of open boarders if they would like to move to Mexico and live amongst the poverty, violence, and corrupt Government. If we do not secure the boarder, you will not have to move to Mexico because Mexico is moving to you. JMO

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