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  • gary_kain gary_kain Oct 17, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

    Attn: Raybans2

    He is a student. My guess is that he is pre-med. He has no real life experience. This has been said on this board again and again. He was probably an only child- craves as he attention, and does not like it when someone else is getting it. (like DocReits) He only understands what he reads in books and what his professors and what MSNBC tells him. He's got nothing else to go on.

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    • Also, there are no poor people in the US anymore. There are people who make considerably less than other but they are not poor. They are well fed, they have adequate clothes, they live under a roof, they drive a car, and most now have smart phones or will have one soon. I don't see how anyone can define that as poor. There is no arguing that they have a lot to be envious of others but that is not what it means to be poor. And before Oct. 1st one could raise the healthcare issue but no more. There are no more issues. That was the last one.

      Anyone who talks about the poor in the US now days either likes listening to themselves talk or they like to think that they have a valid reason to be altruistic for the sake of experiencing a feeling of well being it gives them to help others in need when in reality the only thing they can do now is make others feel less envious of others. The need they are imaging in their own heads no longer exist anymore. They have put themselves out of a job. They just haven't figured it out yet.

      These people need to look to other countries if they want to satisfy this desire to feel good about fulfilling a need because that is where the need is. But they should not just throw money or food over the wall and walk away. In fact they should not give them any of that. They should show them how to make their own. And if they are not interested in that then they know what to do which is to leave them to themselves.

      I knew someone who went to another country to do charitable work for others and when she saw that all they did was sit around and watch while she did all the work it cured her. She no longer has these misconceptions anymore. She now understands why they are poor. It is not for lack of opertunity because when opertunity does comes their way they often act bored. It really does not matter to me why they do this. The fact that they do this is all I need to know. It does not need to be explained any further.

    • I assume you are replying to this post which seems to have disappeared from the thread that it was in.

      he said: "See how easy it is to out debate you??"

      This is the kind of comment that comes from someone who is needy. They want others to think that they are right but haven't the confidence that what they say will be taken as right based on its own merits so they explicitly say it just to be sure.

      Any mature adult knows that if you have to claim recognition then you don't have it and thus they would not say something like this because it makes them look insecure and thus weak.

      Why you don't know this I cannot imagine other than to think you are either very young, older but for some reason lack life experiences of talking to mature adults, or just ambitions beyond the intellectual ability to understand the things that you want to understand but don't. Or maybe you are from Iran.

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