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  • raybans2 raybans2 Oct 19, 2013 4:13 PM Flag

    35,000 people are enrolled in Obamacare after almost 3 weeks

    So what does that mean? If that rate of enrollment remains unchanged then Obama care may not come to be because they need 7 million people to sign up by March or the program doesn't go forward, so I have been lead to believe. With the current 47,000 per month enrollment rate they will have 280,000 people enrolled by March. That is only 4% of what they need. This means that the enrollment rate has to increase 25 fold or it is history.

    I think that one problem they have is that young people can still find insurance for less without going to Obamacare so it looks like their goal of getting the young to pay for the old won't happen because they have alternative options that are less expensive so why would they sign up for Obamacare where their doctor choices are fewer. It seems that Obamacare is a last resort choice because of the limited choices. Forcing people go get insurance doesn't force people to get Obamacare.

    This idea of reducing the pool size to get doctors to engage in cut throat competition may have seemed attractive on paper but it seems that people what doctor choices. It might have made the program unattractive enough that no one chooses it.

    The only thing that Obamacare supporters can hope for is that the "glitches" are the reason why for the small enrollment numbers. From what I have heard it is not because of web page response. People who try to sign up are not having problems with web page response. Whet they are getting are error messages which frustrate them to quit. Saying it is web page response is the Benghazi defense. Something that Clinton would say to avoid having to admit the truth. It may sound plausible but it isn't what happen. I myself have been on many of these web pages and never experienced any lag at all. But I did not try to enroll. In fact, I could not detect that anyone other than myself was accessing the site. The response times were excellent.

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