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  • craigwalrath337 craigwalrath337 Oct 22, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

    Detroit, Michigan

    I have realized that THIS is the perfect example of why the BS I espouse here on the AGNC board will never work in America. As Foster Grant pointed out elsewhere, business (the money) can just go somewhere else.
    You can only confiscate the assets of others for so long before those "others" AND their assets....are gone.

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    • If God were to give Michigan an enema, Detroit is where he would stick the tube.

    • Bogus Id similar to mine but not me. First of all higher wages would not be confiscation but simply a just wage for the work done. Second the U.S. has the lowest tax burden of any large industrialized country. Where is this wealth going to go?? MARS??

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      • Not true. Why do you think so many rich people have moved to Singapore?

        Canada for example allows off shore trust for new citizens that do not get taxed. In other words you can move to Canada, get citizenship in 3 years, renounce your US citizenship, and receive income from an off shore trust tax free. This is a huge carrot for attracting rich people to their country. Pretty much everyone I know is aware of this tax scenario and is considering it as one option for their retirement where Vancouver would be where they want to live because the proximity of the Pacific Ocean makes it relatively warm all year. Also there is no estate tax in Canada. A Canadian passport is just as good as a US passport. So why would anyone care which one they have?

        Why don't you make a minimal effort to investigate what you are about to say. For example, to avoid having made a fool out of yourself in this instance, all you had to do was type into Google "tax rates worldwide" or something to that effect and you could have seen in just a few minutes that what you were about to say wasn't true at all. What's the matter, too much trouble, or is your self esteem so low that you feel like you haven't any character image left to defend?

        Really, who doesn’t know these things? Sometimes I feel like the people here have no live experiences or the common knowledge one would get by normal day to day conversation with one’s peers. You really don't know very much. Much of what you don't know I wouldn't even comment on to my peers to avoid the implication that I thought they didn't know the obvious. You are so dense it is beyond belief. Even my liberal friends know these things. They would feel embarrassed to be associated with your comments and would say you were not typical. Most liberals are better informed than you; I would say 99% of them. It is not the facts we debate about, it is whether the basis for our different philosophies are valid. You are simply scattered brained.

      • Well, troll 229, I guess you might ask that question to those who left Detroit. I doubt they needed to go to Mars to find a better place to do business. Second, the US WASTES more of its tax revenue than any industrialized nation.

      • "Bogus ID" Coming from YOU!? THAT's FUNNY!!
        "Where is this wealth going to go??" ANYWHERE it wants to you name-stealing moron!

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