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  • craigwalrath229 craigwalrath229 Oct 24, 2013 1:12 AM Flag


    We're here today to hunt for the Walrat. He is an elusive creature who has continually refuted tea party people.
    We have a group of tea party folks who will try to hunt down the Walrat. I of course will stay here in complete safety as the tea party folks hunt down the Walrat.
    Our cameras will now zoom in as the tea party folks say they have cornered the Walrat! They're really giving it to him with all their talking points from Fox Fake News.
    Oh no it turns out all the talking points are false. I guess that's why they call it Fox Fake News. Now The Walrat is refuting them with his irritating rational style. Turns out socialized medical care really is better.
    Our crew is now moving in to save the tea party folks. The Walrat really is vicious.
    Tune in next week for WILD KINGDOM when tea party members will try to intimidate weak willed Democrats.
    So long.

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    • In case you are wondering, I am not a tea bagger. With all my views, most of which are too liberal for the Republican party, they would not have me. I would be kicked out.

      My wife is a Democrat and only watches FOX news. When we are not watching a recorded program she switches back to FOX news immediately. She pretty much agrees with everything Bill O'Reilly says so go figure. BTW, I have never been able to find a liberal Democrat that can contest the facts that get reported on FOX news by showing examples of how they misreported facts or made them up. Nada. All I hear them say is that FOX news lies but they can never come up with a specific example of an actual lie. It kind of makes you wonder doesn't it? I mean, who is actually lying in this case? Now I will admit that FOX news is unlikely to praise the accomplishments of liberals but that is another thing altogether. That is not lying. It is simply not commenting about these accomplishments in a way that would be taken as praise, but they still mention them none the less, but in a serious way, and then on to the next thing. Much like what the liberal news channels do with conservative accomplishments. Would anyone expect otherwise? But again, this is not lying.

      Also, where else on television can you find unedited debates between liberals and conservative guest. Who else allows both sides to express their beliefs for viewer to listen and then decide? I think this is why my wife likes it. She says you get both sides, not just the one. Bill O'Reilly often chooses a liberal guest to spar with because it is kind of boring to listen to two people who agree. Who else does this? Normally he chooses a one liberal and one conservative guest but since Bill O'Reilly is conservative it is obvious who he sides with, but the liberal guest gets their say. Who else does this? Bill O'Reilly claims that he is a registered independent.

      My dog is a tea bagger for sure. Just ask the mail man.

    • My dog pinched a hot n steamy Walrat by the side of the road this morning.

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