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  • mitchjl_16923 mitchjl_16923 Dec 5, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

    President Obama Bashing

    That all i read on this Board is Bashing President Obama and the ACA. You Repiglicans make me sick. Its as bad as Reagan"s "trickle down Economy" "The rich get rich and the poor get poorer" Shame on you heartless critters.

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    • obamas only fault - he hasn't made his Kenya'n uncle rich or an American - yet - but he's working on it !
      he may need to move him to illinois - after all - if he don't pay any taxes - he's a Democrat ! for life !

    • If you're an investor you should follow Winston Churchill's observation: “Show me a young Conservative and I'll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I'll show you someone with no brains.”

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    • Actually Mitch, you are exhibiting the characteristic and stereotypical liberal ignorance with your post. Since Obama has taken office, the 'rich' are getting poorer, and the 'poor' are getting richer. Read a book - simply parroting what you hear on MSNBC makes you look like an idiot.

    • Is there a problem with government? sure. but there is a problem with the people too.
      Consumerism is a big problem in this country. Everyone feels like they have to have everything they see on TV. Have to have an iPhone, Ipad, own a car, Old Navy clothes, eat at Olive Garden and own a Dyson vacuum.
      Of course you can't afford to live on McDonald's salary. When I was younger and my wife and I were starting out we hit a rough patch and I remember telling myself NO, I will not get a cell phone, I cannot afford it. We ate chicken legs for dinner @$0.49/lb; we drove old beat up cars. I did not go out with my friends after work because I couldn't afford it - and I remember feeling bad about it.
      People don't tell themselves that enough in this country. If everyone was not clamoring for these high ticket items they would not cost so much. But no, if you got a credit card then you can get the stuff...
      Then you got one more bill to pay every month....and its the republicans fault?

    • It's impossible to reason with these morons. If you're poor it's your fault and you should die and get out of the way. That's really the way they think. SAD.

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      • kidshelleen51 Dec 10, 2013 7:23 AM Flag

        This from a bozo that thinks unions create jobs. Socialists like you have destroyed more families and more poor people than any Republican ever has.

      • Rand Paul said exactly the same thing. Repiglicans' campaign slogan.

      • If they would rather die,'' said Scrooge, ``they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.

      • So are you saying that someone else makes poor people poor? In a country that offers free grade school education, medicade, and many other benefits, I find it hard to believe that anyone else other than the poor can be blamed for their life choices.

        The reality is that there are no poor people in the US anymore. It is just a terminology used by liberals to make people believe that there is a need that has not been fulfilled. No one is starving. No one lives in homes with dirt floors. No one is without electricity or plumbing. That was a 100 years ago. These circumstances don't exist anymore.

        Every time we solve all these problems all liberals do is raise the bar to make it so that with a new definition of what is poor that there are poor people again. But if you keep doing that then the problem can never be solved. The poor people of today have more than the middle class of 100 years ago. Heck, they have more than I had as a child and I thought I was doing fine.

        The whole situation has gotten absurd. You can't even take is serious anymore. Its a joke.

    • Actually, Mitch, I have a bit of pitty in my heart for you...and maybe...just maybe, you've not been given both sides...Here's a good teaching moment...some of my liberal friends say it's not Detroit's fault that they fell on hard times...the car industry pretty much failed, not their fault. But I have to say that the car industry in Texas, Tennessee, Alabama and the Carolinas is doing very well. So, you should ask 'why'? Why couldn't the car industry thrive in Michigan? Unions...and that it's a non-right-to-work State...So, I have to say, who created the pain there...really? And let's be clear, our President (Acorn activist) is a lover of unions...why? Votes....Oh, he may actually care about getting better wages for people...but his actions have the OPPOSITE effect...He just doesn't seem to understand how economics works....and that is sad, if that's his goal....Instead, he just tells people to go out and picket for more wages, go on strike, etc ...and the businesses disappear, creating those poor hungry people you worry about....But I tell you (not sarcastically...but as one who also cares about people), who is actually making people poor and hungry? Find me someone who understands how businesses really they can create even more jobs, and that'll be the guy I want as President...I think Romney understood how business works...Sure, not everyone wins....some businesses are closed if they cannot compete...always gonna be some pain...But fighting the private sector is not the way to go...take a look at the difference in right-to-work states growth vs. union states...The right-to-work states have done so much better....I heard that Texas has created 1/3 of the new jobs since the recession state ! But somehow, Obama can't stomach that...his philosophy is so tied to unions, etc that for some reason, he cannot even consider why some things work while others have not...It's plain to see...He'll not change tho, imo...sadly

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      • h5nferic.You can put your pity where the sun don't shine. You need to go back in time and see what brought this country out of the hands of the corporate "BOSSES," and workers were able to bargain for a living wage. You mentioned RUM KNEE, the king of Corporate cheats. Jobs numbers have increased during President Obama term even with all the Repiglicans against any programs to make more jobs. I quote Mitch McConnell as he said he "would do anything to defeat Our President" including a jobs program. Your message to me is just more opinions from the Wall Street Journal Big Business Rag. Your message is all "Bovine Excrement"

      • Obama tried to oppose moving 787 production to NC because it is a right to work state. If the people in NC voted for their state to be "right to work" then what is wrong with letting that be? But Obama wanted to keep NC residents from getting these jobs because they were such a state. It is all about control. Obama wants to punish states that do not allow unions absolute power.

        For those who don't know the right to work laws are, they state that a union cannot force people to join a union as a condition of employment. In other words such union contracts between the union and management are illegal. Management never wanted to agree to such contracts anyway but the union forced them to accept them as a condition to end a strike. The law allows new employees to choose if they want to be in a union or not. Call it a pro choice law if you like. But as usual, Democrats use this concept only when they like it. They really are not about choice. Only their agenda and if taking away choice supports their agenda then the ends justifies the means.

        However they won't say that. What they will do is hope you don't connect the dots and see all the contradictions in their platform. That way they can promote choice when it is to their advantage and not having choice when it is to their advantage. When in reality the freedom to choose is a basic part of individual liberty upon which our constitution was founded. But as you can see the Democrats only promote liberty when it suits them. When it does not suit them they oppose it and thus the reason they oppose the right to work laws. They want to force people to join unions against their will. Sound familiar?

      • Eric the level at which youre brain has been washed is astounding and would make the soviets and moaists marvel in envious amazeent.

      • As someone who was born and raised in Detroit I will tell you that unions were only part of the downfall, The other major factors were 40+ years of corrupt leaders and racism. These things combined drove the private sector out. No business, no tax revenue, no jobs. What stayed behind were those who had no choice; the poor. A ruined city and ruined lives in the wake of black gangsters preying on a black populace that trusted someone because they were the same color. Sound familiar? The ONLY thing that will fix Detroit is reintegration.

    • And while the Marxist Wrecking Ball has been pushing his liberal/progressive agenda for FIVE YEARS (with the help of all his sycophants in congress, the banks, media, entertainment and the ignorant water carriers) those "rich" have been getting even richer and the "poor", even poorer. Tell me I'm wrong. It's a bich ain't it mitch?

    • Who cares , Obama's a proven Liar with full Progressive Media support, look in the mirror & tell me who makes law , then tell me please what parties had majority of majority last 52 years buddy & you might quit your fine wine , like cheese with it!

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