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  • herexhear herexhear Jan 18, 2014 9:40 AM Flag

    Why four levels

    If the Founders were against government, why did they form a country with an extra level of government - federal on top of city or town, county, and state.

    Every major achievement of American History was a government plan.

    The Revolution
    Government guarantee of civil liberties
    Universal education
    Widespread Higher education
    Westward expansion
    Creation and incubation of manufacturing
    The Railroads
    Rural electrification
    Manhattan project
    Creation of the biggest ongoing scientce RnD enterprise in the world
    State highway system
    Space exploration
    The Internet
    Human genome

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    • I find it interesting that you pick the Revolutionary War as an example because it was the issue of taxation by the British Government that broke the camel’s back.

      No one says that government serves no purpose at all which is what you seem to imply. The US needs government for laws. What we don't need is government to give away our money to a minority of people whose poverty is due in most cases to the life choices they have made on their own with disabled people being an exception in which case government aid is not unreasonable.

      My daughter was getting paid to grad school papers for her boy friend’s mother who teaches high school and she was astonished at how illiterate these kids were. My comment to her was that they have been given an opportunity to acquire an education at no cost to them and they have squandered it and will probably live in poverty as a result and I can guarantee that they will blame others for the life choices they have made. It is not the fault of others that these people choose to squander the opportunities that have been offered to them.

    • Bozo, I don't like to mix with you losers but could not resist. You say the American Revolution and Civil Liberties was a Government plan. Really ,what Government? The idea was to escape from Government . MREIT will recover by early 2015 but you want. Phil

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