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  • mmichaelr mmichaelr Jan 30, 2014 12:45 PM Flag

    Further evidence of dr. chumps idiocy.

    At least twice (that I noticed) the chumps had posted about the upcoming Treasury floating rate notes. The first auction was yesterday (1/30). Chumps projected a 2% yield to maturity. I replied with a comment that__that projection was as foolish as his crash 1/17 crash prediction. Later chumps adjusted (do he not always when actual facts are revealed to him) it to a 1 to 2 % YTM. I replied ‘how the ‘F’ could he be so blatantly stupid to think an instrument that will reset basis 13 week T-Bills could auction at that yield. I believe until I brained slapped the chumps he was not cognizant that Treasuries actual are auctioned not just sold at an ask price. But what can you expect from someone who posts that there is a non existent 10 year T-Bill.

    Well well, the first of the monthly auction of floaters went off as scheduled. Mainly purchased by institutional money market funds. You see when you hold 13 week bills you have to roll these forward every 13 weeks__that equates to time (effort) and generates additional expense. These new floaters with a 2 year maturity date will reset automatically every 13 weeks to a specified at auction offering__premium over the 13 week T-Bill.

    So did the sell at chumps idiot projected of 2% __oh nope__how about the 1 to 2%__oh nope. You see the 13 week T-Bill was an annualized 0.015% and the offered premium was 0.045% that is annualized total of 0.10%__that is a long way from his projections.

    Now again I ask how could he be s ‘Fnkg’ stupid. I think that should be obvious to everyone.

    May I suggest dr. chumps after you clear out hard drives__you use the byte space to download some actual educational E books and learn abou the various markets instead of constantly posting about where they are headed!! Maybe if they give a Nobel for being a dumb chump__you may get there!!

    If it wasn’t possible that a neophyte would read his idiocy and act upon it__this all would be truly comical.

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    • I was talking Euro Treasuries, mainly Yugo's, and Turkey's, the currencies are in free-fall and you can short their treasuries, they may be headed to 20-25%, before the unstable turbulance is over. THE RISK to US Treasuries ?????????????? when the worlds sovereign debt goes over 10% everywhere, I don't think money will flow to the USA. Smart money is already moving, the suckers are going to be left in US debt. along with all the REIT's. These are very unstable times, you had better understand currency stability etc. A weak economy has nothing to do with devaluation relative to other currencies. US dollar is rising dramatically, indicating a REAL DEFLATION IS AND HAS HAPPENED, wake up you Crack QE heads, Einsteins Relativity holds alot of weight here, the US has experienced deflation when you take into the account the value of the dollar..........HEE HAW......those who don't understand are going to be wiped out, just like 1914.

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      • This is an exact copy and paste from your post chumps. This is definitive evidence of either you post from your pie hole instaead of any remaining brain matter__or you are a LIAR. Now which is it??


        Floating Rate Note Auction - U.S. Treasury Bulletinby dr_klumps •Dec 27, 2013 3:52 PM

        Treasury intends to announce the details of the initial Floating Rate Note (FRN) auction on Thursday, January 23, 2014, with the first auction occurring on Wednesday, January 29, 2014. Settlement of the security will occur on Friday, January 31, 2014.

        I personally think these will be two year maturities and may price or hopefully price to yield 2%. 2%, 2 year Treasury Notes, it is almost like the two dollar bill. Got to get some of these, can't wait.

      • chumps the only thing you talked about is idiocy from your pie hole. There is no such thing as an Euro Treasury. There are euro dollars__which are US Treasuries held in U.K accounts and priced in the pound.

    • He is trying to impress everyone with his intelligence, He would impress more if he didnt post his gloom and doom.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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