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  • herexhear herexhear Feb 15, 2014 11:19 AM Flag




    I took intro biology as a summer night class at a community college to accelerate graduation.

    In the lab component, my partners were a secretary studying to be a nurse, a cop who had lost his badge due to an injury and was now studying to be a respiratory therapist, and a curious fellow who was a climate scientist.

    In conversing with this guy, he mentioned how his "boss" (his use of the term), had instructed him to attend this introductory Biology course to cover his lack of knowledge in the area.  

    In the lab, he was lost and child-like in his relience on me to explain to him what was going on and help him along.

    Once I asked him about acid rain and Increasing UV values.  He responded angrily that all of that was pure bunk and that his work was showing how there was no such thing as global warming.  

    Looking back on it,  the only way I can make sense of this guy is to posit that he was in the vangaurd of the creation of the Koch "scientists" who are now telling thom988 that everything in the worldwide scientific consesnus is wrong and fraudulent.

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    • nickspinner Feb 18, 2014 12:37 PM Flag

      The main source of acid rain is the spittle from Obama's mouth when he prattles during a nicotine fit.

    • Bozo ,would it be more correct to label your post Cell Mates or Fellow Inmates?

    • Climate change is real and natural. Human activity has little to do with it.
      And if you think it does go after China and India..They have no concern for the environment.

    • Our universe is always moving forward in time.When some people say they do not want to change and want to freeze the time? Show me.
      Years ago, earth is lifeless and now is full of life. Are they saying they do not want to change and want to go back to lifeless earth or even go back to bigbang?

    • Climate change is real but the predominant reason for this may well be fabricated. The earth has gone through many climate changes over the many billions of years it has existed long before there were people.
      Some of the previous climate changes were seriously severe thus for now making the present climate change minor in comparison. A thousand years ago Vikings settled Greenland and started farming operations during a previous warming period only to be forced to leave about 350 years later during a cooling period.


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    • What I don't understand is why people are so adamant against common sense measures like better fuel mileage in cars. If we did that pollution would be reduced which is good in and of itself. If climate change is real, as I believe, then we will have the added benefit of saving the planet. The only losers are the energy companies. And I guess that explains most of the opposition.

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      • Walrat ...

        Climate change is real, but people think that it won't affect them even if it is. Many years in the future, they think.

        Today, however, the Arctic Ocean no longer freezes over in the winter as it did just 30 years ago. A third of the area that used to freeze over in the winter no longer does. At this rate, the rest will no longer freeze over by the end of century, and possible quite a bit sooner. There are now rivers of melt water flowing out of the glaciers in Greenland that were virtually non-existent just a few years ago. Greenland's ice is melting on the same schedule as the Arctic. If all the ice covering Greenland melted ... and it is .... the oceans would rise 20 feet. That's enough to flood most of Florida, Manhattan, Louisiana, etc. etc. The ice of Antarctica has not yet begun melting, although some extremely large ice sheets have broken loose to drift north and melt, so there are effects showing up.

        Unfortunately, it appears that we are already too late to avoid major problems. If we stopped producing greenhouse gas completely on this day, Greenland would still melt based on the gases already released. Another major, major problem will start happening soon, and that's the thawing of the perma-frost in Siberia. The perma-frost is only 3 - 5 feet thick, and once it thaws due to the current global warming, it will start to release greenhouse gases that are currently trapped beneath the perma-frost. These gases are mostly methane from decaying plants .... methane is 20 times worse than carbon dioxide in terms of warming. Now we're looking at a couple hundred feet of sea level rising. That wipes out all of the cities along the coasts which is where most of the people are.

        But, hey, it's just a Democratic conspiracy.

      • walrat, You are not stupid, you are a Communist but not stupid. "The only losers are the energy companies. And I guess that explains most of the opposition" Walrat. Energy companies pass the expense to the consumer. Clean air and water on the local level is obtainable but a big tax based on some global concern is not rational. The whole argument is about money and wealth not climate. Wall Street traders will make billions trading carbon credits. Those billions will come from our pockets.

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