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  • catherinewecker catherinewecker Oct 5, 2010 4:24 PM Flag


    Anyone know who just dumped 50,000 shares?


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    • thanks naga00. I'll check out the 911s/carrera. Ferarri is still too expensive for me, and I heard the maintenance is also very expensive (same way for gallardo).
      for some reason I like the boxster (mainly cause it's cheaper than 911 I guess)

      good to see awrcf above $5. seems to be primed for the national listing. and wonder what the price going to be once it is in the national listing and funds and institution starting to buy their shares.

      also looking forward to see how their business for the whole year 2010.

    • I have had 6 porsche motor cars and the only ones that retain value are the 911's - limited room in cayman and box- and still believe that they are "starter" porsche's! For the money the porsche is the best value, that is the 911 compared to other "super" sports cars! The new ferrari is beautiful and unbelievable fast and expensive!
      I love my 911! It is always a new drive!
      Our little friend awrcf.ob is gaining some traction today!

    • boxter and cayman are girlie cars.. you're kidding right..

      but make sense about the resale value, it does drop farther compare to the 911

      what do you think about the new bmw z4, or merc sl550.

      how about the aston martin vantage or maserati cambricorsa (the used ones)


      I really hope awrcf got national listing before 2011 is over.

    • other than the 911 or their suv- most other porsches do not retain value like the 911- would never buy a box or cayman- Girlie cars- nothing against women!

    • lol.. I was thinking about the same thing naga0...

      what do you think about the spyder.. or cayman.. why you like 911 over boxter, boxster spyder or cayman...

      and a new 911 version/variation of coming out as well (like a spyder)

      can't wait for AWRCF to be listed in AMEX..

    • This is a wire and cable company.....

    • I like new and new look back! This stock will pop sooner than later and the patient investor will be rewarded- a company with growth,fundamentals and discounted value cannot sit depressed forever. if the listed is complete within weeks we will see $6 to $7 be year-end-- next set of numbers are due out within a few weeks, another dog and pony either late Oct or early Nov and then listing!

    • Naga, your 99 is first year of water cooled 911. I prefer the 95-98 models which were the last and best of the air cooled. When this pops I will buy one with low miles.

    • I was wondering the same thing. It was obviously a cross to someone that wants in. Sometimes a big shareholder will feed some cheap stock to a brokerage firm that wants to get involved. Not sure if that is what is going on here, but it seems obvious that someone was ready and willing to take 50k in one lump. Seems bullish to me.


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