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  • naga00 naga00 Jun 7, 2011 7:28 PM Flag

    the fundamentals will catch up one of these days

    The real thing to watch is copper prices and they have remained very very strong ( around 4.15/lb- not very far from all time high). the seller is a hedge fund- have been endless selling with out care- that is how hedge funds work! this is not a china company, it was not a reverse merger!, does not have a c-movie accountant, but instead a top 5~ asia's economy is humming along ( except japan~ which we have no business). the company is growing by 30%, trailing 12 yields a pe of 4~ ben graham would roll over in grave! psr is around .10 of sales!, total cash is around $1.50 above current price~ total book is over $16 and $11 if you do not take into account the minority interest! the edragon babe is dead right about the 51% charoong thailand sub which apwc own 51% and accounts for only 35% of the revenue, but that ownership just about equals the market cap without the rest of the company! i thought that etf's, other hedges, mutual funds and other institutions by now would have plowed into apwc by now~ has not happened~ first q out within weeks and included within that q is the .21 dividend and taking into account the past 4 q run rate of .20-25/sh we could see .45 in earnings ( minority interest might eat some of the dividend so it is not an exact science! Australia is growing, singapore is growing, china is growing and thailand is growing~ this is where we play and we will win ~ patience is the hard game to play! honestly, i thought once we got listed i assumed apwc would move to more realistic levels~ instead we are below levels prior to listing and fourth q and year-end numbers!
    again, i bought additional shares at 4.65 and 5.00 and now control 40k- i have alot riding on this pony! have email cfo frank tseng @ company waiting for response--
    i truly believe that apwc is a sound and very cheap investment and actually i own nothing that compares to numbers that are presented within sec docs!
    again, i believe that a fund for an unknown reason has been selling and does not care about or has any interest in ths stocks discounted value!
    the market is weak and sloppy and "china" companies are being avoided like the prague and we are being lumped into that group as well!
    there may have been some shorting and once falling below 5 it may have cause a margin call- below 4 it becomes non-marginable because of price so that is a factor- i don't believe that a short selling really will dare to short this stock down here because the fundamentals are so strong!
    i also believe that there is no fraud i repeat no fraud-- this company was fully reviewed by the sec and nasdaq prior to listing around 40 days or so with a top five auditor- this was not a reverse merger or china deal!

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    • Do you know the name of the fund selling?

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      • the site use to be free which would list all transactions by funds- no longer free- but i believe it is a fund out of boston- i know for a fact that they said that they had 600k to 700k and now they say 100k to 150k- it really makes sense- as said before the selling has been non-stop- hedge funds don't care about value because if they did-- they would be buying- with only 3.8 million shares in the float and i believe that that number includes the 1.5 million that michael dell owns that that number is really much lower- I also believe the seller does not want the stock to fall below $4 because he would make it look like there is a problem and that he would be hurting himself~ It would also cause the stock to lose its total margin - as you know below $4 the stocks are no longer marginable( scottrade rules- may vary, but not by much)
        I believe that most of action today was on the buyside except for the slaughter this morning when the sell slammed the bid! after that the buying grabbed the cheap shares! Again, this stock and company has now business in the USA and therefore is not affected by Obama's destruction! It is not a china based company, but a taiwanese corp in business for atleast 12 years (not quite sure)- the stock market players are like water drop in the wave- once involved you have little choice because the wave takes you on the adventure- like it or not!

    • Hi Naga
      Did you read the rating of
      (from sell to hold)maybe manipulation?

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      • what does the know about apwc? i believe will reliable thinking that a hedge fund has driven us down to these levels- he had at one point 600k now around 100k-150k--the selling has been continual and the average investor does not have this kind of position- interest fact today- china is using more crude than the US- this means growth which inturn demands more copper which filters down to more copper wire- as mentioned the price of copper remains above 4.00/lb- the US is a mess because we have a loser/socialist president that never had a job in his life and the stupid american voted for him because most of the younger set are empty skulls only concerned with facebook and twitter!

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