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  • bill021 bill021 Sep 26, 2007 10:06 AM Flag

    How high are we going?

    Any guesses?

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    • I'll say 21 by about 10/3/07.

    • Nice brokerage upgrade with a $24 target. Like to see the $24 and then a buy-out with say a 50% premium.

      Actually getting a little scary, as I at first thought we should see these levels years ago and then felt as if we never would see this.
      Remember the long ago debate as to if we would like a buy-out at $50?

      Need 'daily' to come around again as he seems to show up just before a nice run.

    • $60 bucks, by 12/31/09. So why waste your time on this board or watching this thing? Each quarter will bring new revelations on HPV-cancer link, and QGEN's core business will continue to grow strongly. More M&A on the way as well, I'm sure.

    • Liambert thxs for sharing your observations and opinions on Qiagen.I think it's currently undergoing a transformation to a more volatile stock based on the growth prospects it acquired via Digene.Is the continued rise in the sp just coincidental with the guidelines being released last Monday and attributable solely to the general market?Perhaps the road show to the institutions week before last is contributory?Impossible to tell, but I do believe Qiagen will eventually disseminate the news that in the states it's recommmended that all women thirty and older be co-tested.Recommended meaning no other option.It makes no sense to not seize the opportunity!

    • white Oct 9, 2007 9:26 PM Flag

      Bummer about the share count...:-(

      Does QGEn do their own reagents without a royalty share or how does that work? EGEI was just turning a profit when bought out where CPHD is still burning cash. The revenue for CPHD is misleading because they have to first collect the revenues and then pay 50% to ABI for the reagents, so it really skews the numbers and if that's not an issue with QGEN there is an advantage right there. I'm looking to 2012 when I invest BTW. Good luck all, hope to learn more about this QGEN.

    • Amastd, Too bad about the HPV. Not having enough fluid when using the Thin Prep is a common problem. I always send a separate HPV swab to prevent this issue. You're getting closer , though!

    • This contest was a special contest since it was based on an event; guidelines being published and the impact it may have within five trading days from publication.Price selections at the beginning($19.41)and the closing price at the end($19.53)were primarily based on what one believed the guidelines would say and how they would be perceived by the street.

      This board based on every post to date has expressed disappointment with the primary screening guidelines.The basis seems to be the belief it was watered down from the draft.But I submit the lack of movement in the price was not a qualitative issue but the silence by our company and the twenty-eight organizations that created them.Once publized all investors will have the opportunity to cast their vote on their meaning by buying,selling,or holding Qiagen.I for one believe cotesting for screening women thirty and older is mandated.Meaning you SHOULD screen with a pap and an hpv test for all women thirty and older.

      Yet only one contestant predicted this to be a non-event.This is his first entry which makes it even more impressive.Liambert with a call of $19.67 is the winner of the Guidelines Price Championship.It is the only crown not transferable to date,never to be relinquished, so he shall always be remembered as the one and only champion in this category.

      Honorable mention goes to Marsala($20.49)and Amastd(20.59)a/k/a Tom.Marsala has won more contests than anyone and he remains a razor with no rust as he ages.Tom continues to be in the upper-tier contest after contest being a serious threat to win anytime he enters.

      Congratulations Liambert!!!!!!If you could be kind enough to share your thoughts on why you believed the guidelines would have no impact,particularly since you owned Quiagen prior to the Digene merger it would be appreciated.

    • I am with you Incas. I am clueless about the real reason for the current move so I am not going to be part of louies guessing game now. All I will say that in the long run I see much higher price. Short term I am playing with a small portion of my holdings to profit from fluctuations and keep in touch. Good luck and may the highest entry win.

    • white Oct 10, 2007 3:05 PM Flag

      If CPHD has a 2012 target of $110 / share and today they are cash strapped and likely to do another dilution soon, I will give QGEN a 2012 target of >$110 / share at a minimum...IMHO

    • I re-iterate, I meant THIS friday ... I want a recount :)

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