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  • dnadesi dnadesi Jan 30, 2002 9:45 AM Flag


    Thanks Doing_Diligence,

    I spoke with alittle emotion I guess because of what I've learned with WCEC. There are just so many stocks out there that get so pumped up, people forget to look at the fundamentals and invest with the masses.

    That's when small investors get burned! As for HLYW, they are so riddled with debt right now that unless the 10mil share offering is a HUGE success they will be scrabling to make their payments to the creditors. And even if it is 100% sold at say $10 or $11. the dilution alone will bring the price into single digits.

    I see oportunities like this to at the very least give my opinion on what i've learned in the market and my last post was to help people realize that any gain however small. (And diminishing) should be seized. Heck if the fundamentals improve then BUY BACK IN!

    Until HLYW cant get it's debt in check then IMHO the move up to $16 was all a part of "Chassing the masses"

    I still think the stock could reach $8.00/share. It's only 50% of the high, but more importantly 500% off of the low. And with the 10 mil share offering, dilution that comes with it and no strong-hold on the debt YET, even 500% is worth taking profit. Simply put the stock has gotten way ahead of itself.

    I look forward to your reply.


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    • Couldnt have said it better.The dilution is why
      I am still sitting on the sidelines and when
      it is all over this could go as low as $5.I used to own 2 stocks(IMGX & GMGC) that went
      through this same kind of financing that were
      both in double digits like HLYW is now.Now they are both under $1.Not that I think HLYW
      will go under $1 again but it will likely go
      lower than most people think it will.