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  • bluehawaiix02 bluehawaiix02 May 14, 2002 5:23 PM Flag

    PRU 33.90 - MET 32,25 at the close

    I am boycotting METLIFE for shipping American jobs overseas!

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    • Because, unlike you, I think I can learn from others on this board (with the exception of you), and carry out an intellecual dialog (with the exception of you).

      I'll sell my holdings in due time, as soon as your lover, Benmo, sells the company.

      PS- We're still waiting to hear your ideas on how your lover is going to grow the company. You've been annoying everyone for over a month now, and heard nothing from you!

    • If you know what's going on inside METLIFE and if you think the stock is spiraling down, why don't you sell your shares and leave this board. It's as simple as that.

    • Only you, the clueless, don't know what's going on. There are a lot of posters here that knwo a bit about the company, but you're only interested in looking at your own posts. You don't read and you don't listen. You're obnoxious and unfunny. When you speak, it's incoherent, and it's babble, and as one poster suggested, "worse than my three year-old".

      So please why don't you go somewhere else?

    • Is 2 years too long already especially if there are slim pickings/high price/uncertain times? Nobody in this board knows what's going on at METLIFE including the self proclaimed experts here and those who daytrade METLIFE(not a joke).

    • What was the reason then why they did not pursue a big M/A, slim pickings? Price is high? Company not ready for a big M/A?

      All very interesting questions. I'd say Slim Pickings. However BOBO was brought in to Take the Company Public, no one said anything about not becoming an Acquisition target or anything else. Seems he's content to cut here and there and improve the bottomline without going after a Big M&A. If he did the question is who could Met Buy? And in What area? Brokerage might be one, but all the Brokerage firms, the larger one anyway are way out of Met's League. They'd need to wait for a fire sale. The best bet in this situation is for Met to become part of a Financial Institution, i.e. become acquired.

      However and this is what I've been pointing to all along. I'm not criticizing all Management, if Met gets take over in an M&A we all stand to make some $$. My Criticism is of Management Style, and their lack of Innovation, and vision for the company. Anyone can talk a good game, let�s see it put into practice for a change instead of just being talked about. My money is still on Met being acquired. I go with my gut feelings and if you read some other posts, there are plenty of signs pointing to this.

      Bob, if your reading this there's a Fascinating books by Peter Drucker, called the Management of Innovation, The Essential Drucker . In fact I recommend all his books.


    • What a psycho! You'll turn on anyone when you're cornered! I knew this weekend love fest with Punkin wouldn't last.

      Be gone with you, old drunkard, and return to the porno chat rooms where you belong!

    • Mr lefty, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • questions. You're beginning to be like FJACKieASS. If you guys are so much against BENMO's style of management, why don't you short METLIFE. And so what if I'm annoying to you, who the hell are you? Mike Tyson? You don't have to answer my post if you don't like. And who started this fucking vulgarity, your friends and cohorts. All I said was BENMO is probably the greatest CEO of METLIFE and your fucking lowlife friends started cursing me. You can join them too, punk. To me you;re not getting irrelevant, you are irrelevant to me now,ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

    • Ouch!

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