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  • silverwriter888 silverwriter888 Jan 19, 2012 9:19 PM Flag

    Ever Wonder About--No You Haven't

    There's a 2 branch group in London and New York unknown to the world, which jointly controls the world financial system---"The Pilgrims Society." It sprang from the wills of Cecil Rhodes who organized the diamond trust. Over the years various members have been on Met Life board and chairman. KEANE a director is flashing neon lights with suggestions of membership! In spite of the FACT they control The White House, all our armed forces and foreign relations, Federal Reserve, megabanks etc., NO roster is accessible to the public domain. Scott Pelly is a bought and paid for moron. We aren't mature enough to be fit to know even of their existence.
    I converted my former MetLife shares into silver Mercury dimes, which get scarcer every time some are melted and can't go broke no matter what happens to this SYNTHETIC money web they've woven.

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