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  • toonawish toonawish Nov 20, 2012 9:22 AM Flag


    The company has already stated their desire to increase the dividend by as much as 50% & to initiate an aggressive multi billion $ share repurchase.

    Blame the FDIC 1st & now the OCC for allowing you to purchase MET at bargain basement prices!

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    • Yes, Met is doing all they can. The gov't is the problem. I blame Obama. The Socialists/Communists want to control Insurance companies now. They see assets, dollar signs in their eyes. They have stolen the last dimes in our trust funds -- SS, Medicare, govt Pension funds and such -- and bankrupted them, now they are moving on to bigger and better things. That's my guess. It's ust a matter of time as they continue to destroy the fabric of our country. Very disturbing. This control is just the starting point. And half the Americans voted them in.

      Meanwhile, PRU's dividend is more than twice ours.

      Wish I could load up. Now more gov't regulation limits me to 10% of my 401K. ! I have upped my sentiment to strong buy, as you're right, Met's not going to let them push them around, if they can avoid it. Still, there is a risk the Socialists will persist.

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      • I don't believe it's about being pushed around.

        Fed oversight is obviously needed with financial institutions.

        Unfortunately; regulation was fought tooth & nail by Reagan & Greenspan & this led to the 1st Bush bailout of the S & L's after they were allowed to make poor (unregulated) investments in overvalued/junk bonds issued by questionable investment bankers.

        Fast forward a few years & we saw another bailout by Bush the son after lending institutions had invested in overvalued/junk mortgages issued by consumers (many of whom were unable to meet their debt obligations to begin with.)

        A little regulation to protect us from unrealistic home appraisals for lending institutions & requirements for reserves on MBS policies written by company's like AIG (can you believe they weren't required to keep loss/claims reserves on these policies) would have done a lot to protect us all.

        Instead; these administrations chose short term high growth with future slips, trips & falls instead of moderate gains in economic activity in exchange for a bit more stability.

        As to socialist governments; England worried in the 50's & nothing came of it & what most people don't think of is the FACT that we already have tons of socialist programs in the good old USA right now (can you say "Social Security" or "Medicare" - I knew you could...)

        All in all though; I believe MET is a strong buy & I'll wait as long as it takes for them to pare down their assets to concentrate on the core business of insurance.

        Interest rates will go up & they will improve their margins & start repurchasing shares & paying out a bigger portion of earnings to us.

        You just got to watch them because as history has proven; they will screw things up eventually...

        "Not a lawyer a thief or a banker" Buffet - Jimmy not Warren

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      • the sky is falling!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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