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  • dudesmellmyfinger dudesmellmyfinger Nov 28, 2000 12:31 AM Flag

    hello anybody out there, over.

    price. The float is small around 6mil.
    Institutional selling in the 3rd quarter I think was around
    650,000 shares. So if homeboy buys around 650,000 this
    could be good. Maybe traders will notice the stocks
    upward movement and jump in and push it up further.
    Whats the percentage of shorts on this stock. Maybe
    there'll be a short squeeze. Hell the stock is trading at
    book value. We could make a little money. Just get
    ready to hit your target of whatever lets say $2 a
    share and then sell the damned thing.And if the CEO is
    able to ask Ortho for more please and get it then
    thats fucking great too.