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  • shirley_ardell_mason shirley_ardell_mason Jan 31, 2003 11:33 AM Flag


    >The real fact is you post irresponsibily ... you use lies and deceit in the guise of being cute and clever.<

    I don't know about cute and clever but it's clear that she's putting up a persona that reflects a deeply troubled reality. That's what my sources tell me, but I don't ask me to cite them!

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    • freudian slip? ligands reality is a deeply troubled reality the reality is he was right & ya putzs just can't accept it. deal with ur wrong choices and go buy skirts to match those there bags yer holding

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      • Some may criticize Pesse because he has been correct and is arrogant in his posting especially when correct. Some may not like him because he loves to rub people's noses in it. He does have a big ego and most likely a distorted and somewhat distasteful personality to go with it. That is all well and good and it is for him to live with ... you can only pity that sort of thing.

        What I am questioning is his integrity. He posts, especially about ELN, that he has some sort of insight or inside info on the interplay with LGND .... he is dead wrong and when challenged he runs away. It is the old slip and slide. He had numerous opportunties to retract, explain or point out where he is correct ... instead it is dance around, misstate, mislead etc. The trite twittering sound bite ... the attempt at clever banter. Actually the revealtion of limited intellectual skills and maturity.

        Then he posts that I recommend buying LGND when I never recommend anything to anyone. My only somewhat positive comment about any stock was on ELN and that was in a clearly marked OT to Eric where I questioned what would occur if the SEC ended it's investigation of ELN with no action .... which is entirely possible.

        Pesse is a bit of a con artist ... he posts in sound bites in large part to cover up that he is a momentum player and really does not do much due diligence. He seems convinced for example that ELN is being investigated for it's LYONs notes .... when in fact it is the booking of revenue from it's JVs that is the only real issue and that is questionable. (BTW, he loves citing everyone else as posting out of sour grapes when he acknowledges losing over $100,000 in ELN .... no sour grapes there for shear stupidity ??)His style is mostly instinct and guess work and I expect he is good at it. But that should be realized ... he is no rocket scientist and and most of his "thinking" is on the light side .. shallowe and a simple rehash of what he sees others saying.

        He understands very little about ELN and all his posting should be viewed in the light the day trader ....

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