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  • patientgambler patientgambler May 11, 2004 7:30 PM Flag


    Bin Laden and the Egyptian Doctor are critical targets but they hide in sanctuary. Its time for them to realize their martyrdom but the US has been constrained to not pursue them. This reminds me of the "rules flawed" Vietnam era. If OBL and his Doc are truly targets the US should be working on ways to remove the sanctuary boundries that protect them and get on with really tracking them. Its not that big a world and there are not that many places to hide.

    I think Stratfor's views from about a year ago regarding having a US presence in the midst of the Middle East was quite astute. Regardless of the political situation within Iraq, the US now has a significant military presence in the region. This has changed the political landscape within the surrounding countries in many ways and will continue to do so.

    I happen to think this is a good thing.

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    • I agree. I don't walk around telling people I am making money in the market. But perhaps this was a special situation. I posted a challenge about a year an half ago, on this website and declared a race between Xicor and Hand. It didn't matter to anyone else, but it was real to me. You in particular told me I was a fool not buy xicor at $5 a share at that time. Posting here was my response to that bet. It is like planting a flag at the top of the mountain. It doesn't matter if anyone else sees the flag, you know you planted it there.

      I also don't believe that the money I have made thus far is worth bragging about. Rather, I wanted to be in real time and have the numbers on record, so if Plmo ever reaches the potential I think it has, Patient Gambler or JeffBas or even the Wiz may say, gee, Rv actually hit one out of the park. Again, I agree that what has happened so far is nice, but not particularly important.

    • The odds certainly weren't in our favor, but my partner the Wiz was particularly brilliant in driving to meet with Ralph in person and negotiating the conditions. We played our cards as if we were in control, and that communication helped convince Ralph that the gig was up.

    • Yes, Rip, I'm the guy who sold him the boat. When I emerged from the Internet cafe in Fiji after reading the horrible news about Xicor and sending you an email, I learned that an armed coup was taking place a mile away. A local named George Speight and friends had taken the whole parliament hostage, which continued for 6 weeks. Fiji was under martial law the whole month I was there, which was an interesting experience. The success of the shareholder revolt will always be one of my fondest memories. When Raphi capitulated, I just couldn't believe it had worked. I made a lot of money from it as did many others on this board.

    • Did you have a wonderful boat that you later sold to a gentleman with the initials MS?

      Just curious.

      I seriously enjoyed corresponding with the gentleman from Fuji.

    • Rip - Glad to "see" you again. You may remember me if I tell you that we exchanged emails about the shareholder revolt while I was in Fiji, soon after Grey Tuesday. I was so glad to have some outlet for my anger after Raphi's outrageous screw-up. I always wanted to thank you for that, so ... THANKS!

    • "If I recall correctly didn't you pay around 3 bucks for Hand before it collasped to almost nothing and then got something like .9 shares of PALM for every HAND? That would make your basis in PLMO around 27 bucks."

      Yes that is how it started. I had 5 stocks and when I was done I only had 1 stock. I compared each to Hand and kept replacing them and averaging down. After all of the cheaper buys my basis is probably somewhere in the vicinity of $19. (I was around $21 with one more buy left.) But what has me excited is that 3 months ago Plmo was $10 and today it closed at $33. So my equity is up about 75% a month for the last 3 months which reminds me of the run Xico had when it moved from $3 to $25. I knew Plmo had the right stuff all along, but the market didn't agree with me until quite recently.

      Certainly having the market come apart on me when I was fully loaded with Xicor on margin was a bonehead move. No argument there. But I intellectually enjoy deciding this company would succeed, and ignored the downturns and the naysayers until the time is finally becoming right. I believe $33 is not nearly where I am going. If I had waited until the stock was $50 or $60 before responding, you would likely have said something about why didn't you talk about it in "real time". So I expect the next part of the voyage to be in real time because I am not "cashing in" for a while yet.

    • I have really great memories about you M. It is amazing that a relationship that was 98% cyber based means so much to me. I can still see you hitting that great drive on the 18th hole.

      It took a long time for Hand to finally turn into Plmo, and Plmo has finally begun to move a bit. But its a good beginning and I think there will be a real nice ride ahead for me.

      While I wanted to check back with you guys, didn't want to come back with my tail between my legs. But I missed a bunch of you guys. The Wiz and Jeff Bash for sure, but the chemistry of that investment board made it a great place to hang out. I am really disappointed to hear that the hotel is going to be demoed. All good things come to an end.

    • Glad to hear you are still of this earth and doing well it seems. Good for you with Hand.

      As you probably know XICO is the tail of the ISIL dog and soon will disappear into the lore of Silicon Valley past.

      I spend more time on a different and horribly polluted board now, but still keep an eye on the old hotel watching and waiting for its demise.

    • Is is true that Xicor stands for ex Intel company?


    • Jet,

      Please resurrect some of that 7 paragraph message and take us back to some of the highlights around "Grey Tuesday", the coalition of votes gathered on the xico message board and the Mercury News article. I remember small bits and pieces - it's all so fuzzy now!

      I'm sure many of us would appreciate it!

      We may still be the tail that wags the dog, or at least, one of the tales.

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