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  • reji reji Dec 30, 1997 1:09 PM Flag

    Xicor Very Attractive

    you will be happy if you try cau at $1.00
    xico is a very good company but the turning around is long, i would say that before breaking upward it will hit $1.50. Any comment?

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    • That is a pretty bold statement. This is a decent company, I hope it doesn't go to $1.50. I bought at $3.5, after having sold earlier this year at $8. $1.50 is less than half of book value, I can't see it going that low, but I have seen worse and owned worse.

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      • I am sorry I have seen XICO going from !$.50 to nothing and came back. I see the same patern here again, I would have said
        .50 but I thought let us all buy at $1.50. Next market correction you will se this stock trading between .50 to 1.50 range. And
        the market correction is not far, I predict end of Q1 98 or beggening of Q2, 98. As you know that XICO will not show up as much
        loss in 1Q and 2Q but I am sure the asian currency affect will take in the end of 2Q and that will also presure this stock to
        tumble at that low level. My near term outlook is good 4 to 5 but it will take long befor it makes to that 9 level. Please argue
        you analysis.