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  • sfdavies sfdavies Jul 18, 1999 8:52 AM Flag

    Monday IBD

    XICO RS still at 99. Acc/Dis still a solid A.
    Enjoy. This for a stock with earnings growth at 23. I'm
    hoping the quarterly numbers have at least a little
    upside bias. Clearly the stock is poised to move up even
    more, and one solid or even semi-solid piece of news in
    the numbers or the quarterly report or the conference
    call might be enough to keep XICO moving on up. But
    what do I know. This advance has occurred without any
    obvious fuel. (maybe methane) Might just continue the
    same way.

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    • Even though the chart looks great I wouldn't be
      suprised to see a little consolidation the next couple of
      days (assuming no new news).

      P.S. I hope I'm
      wrong and it goes to 10 by the end of the week.

      P.S.S. I'm posting this again tonight because I'm
      superstitious and think it will bring XICO good luck Fri.

    • There was no material short interest in recent
      months. However more recently some may have been added
      due to spectacular runup so far. Still, it should not
      be a significant factor longer term.

      a range or profit limit prematurely is not a great
      idea. This stock has a lot of underlying fundamental
      strength. The business has been attempting to turn around.
      Much in the way of future good news is already widely
      known among the long term holders and consequently some
      of us have very high asperations for this stock
      longer term.

      With that being said, I think it
      will run into significant selling pressure between 6
      and 8. It spent a lot of time in that range in the
      recent historical past. A lot of small quantity holders
      may want to bail at breakeven in this range. A
      pullback is possible though I think it unlikely now to
      reach the low that Jeff suggested in his last post. It
      is still a very fast moving stock with no published
      news to support such interest.

    • XICO mentioned again at ^^ this site above ^^ where daily picks are made, thus the name stockpickstoday I guess.

    • Stay with this stock to at least 12-14....maybe more. Alss, check out the following tips I received and have made some good gains on them. CLWK-EDIG-BDE-...These could be big winners.

    • There could not be any short left with XICO's
      record low.

      Everyone owning this stock are likely
      long term investor (or at least a longer term

      Not much selling urge even it comes up from $1.50 to
      $5.00, most are waiting for the 10's.

      Few good
      news and a 2 months trading period will make it to the

    • I think that absent news in this poor market that
      chances are slim to none it does not pull back to the
      breakout point at around $5. That is traditional technical
      theory and considering the market is quite likely. I
      think the sell reco by "wired"
      was not dumb for a
      short term trader - which I am not.

    • Even though the chart looks great I wouldn't be
      suprised to see a little consolidation the next couple of
      days (assuming no new news).

      P.S. I hope I'm
      wrong and it goes to 10 by the end of the week.

    • You gotta laugh at Mr.Wired. Most likely he took
      a short-position, thinking it was overdue for a
      pullback, and now realizes the error of his ways.

      Sigh..A man's got to know his limitations.

      keeps amazing me about this company is the ratio
      between their market cap. (what we care about) and their
      revenue - it's still almost 1:1, meaning than when
      margins return and improve - things are going to get very
      interesting. Most companies in this area have MC/revenue
      ratios that are more like from 5/1 to 20/1, depending on
      their margins.

      Mr. Wired,
      Do short some more
      of my shares please.

    • Isn't it funny how some jerk with no prior
      credibility comes around blowharding his sell advice when
      things are really starting to look good ? Amazing what
      comes crawling out from under the rocks at times. Seems
      like some a macabre reincarnation of DowJonesKid.

      Hang in there Silverold, we got several quarters to go
      on this pony.

    • I will hold.

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