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  • short_position_trader short_position_trader Jun 26, 2000 4:23 PM Flag


    I called a short and cover last week (Posts 8107
    & 8145) and got bashed for shorting it anyways. So
    this perceived credibility of my posts being after the
    fact are mute.

    I know I make $$ going long and
    short on XICO everyday.

    Check out those 2 posts
    and you will see what I am talking

    Anyways I will call my next cover and subsequent short
    just to satisfy the non-believers.

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    • I like your strategy. I you can turn a $1,500
      profit in only 100 of the total trading days in a year,
      you've made $150,000... which is what most of the
      neurotic posters here hope to see after more than three
      years,if they were smart enough to invest in late Fall
      1998(when XICO was under $2.00....

      Don't let XM
      deter you from posting.
      XM's a thoughtful poster who
      just gets a little irritable once a month...

    • It doesn't matter if you make money or not. Nobody cares. Why do you even bother to post?

      • 1 Reply to silverold
      • Why do I bother to post? Because maybe some folks
        can learn from trading on both sides of the fence.I
        learned a long time ago not to get attached to ANY stock.
        They all go up and they all go down. The trick is to
        be on the right side of the fence when rising or

        BTW what usefull info have you posted on this board.
        Judging by the quality of your last post not much at

        Well one can infer you are just another disgruntled
        long who lost his shirt. Cheer up IMO XICO will come
        back this year once all the negative feelings of the
        investors who got stung on XICO dissapate.

        In the
        meantime I will continue to make $$ UP and DOWN with XICO.
        If you don't like it too bad.