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  • silverold silverold Jun 26, 2000 8:16 PM Flag


    A lot of people on this board have made some
    great money in the market over the years, myself
    included. They don't need to brag about it. That is my
    point. You don't need to brag. People want info on what
    is happening with the company. They don't care about
    your personal trades.

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    • especially if we're only talking about a few
      grand here and there. I'm a long-time watcher of Xicor
      and I can remember back when a few individuals were
      buying 10k shares at $1 or less. At the time I was
      wondering what kind of drugs they were on, but they scored
      big-time. And you know what,... they didn't have much to
      say about the profit. Just another day and another
      dollar for them.

      True. True.