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  • ouija_returns ouija_returns Oct 17, 2000 12:48 AM Flag

    the patient shows a heartbeat

    Xicor, a patient in ICU at Semi General Hospital
    considered comatose following Friday's Nasdaq rally, showed
    signs today of Delayed Reflex Syndrome.

    attending physician commented that while Xicor was being
    taken off life support, they were still waiting for
    signs of brain activity in the patient.

    Ouija Newswire

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    • In my opinion, the most important things that
      Doctor Gray needs to communicate (backed up with facts)
      to the family in the conference call is that the
      patient is stable and has a substantial positive trend IN
      PLACE toward recovery to growth performance similar to
      peer semiconductor companies. I believe that is a
      necessary requirement for a sustained uptrend in the stock.

      For example, if Bruce started the conference call
      with a simple statement that "wafer starts were up 20%
      in Q3 versus Q2 because of expanding outside fab
      production, leading to corresponding expected increases in Q4
      sales versus Q3, with the increase focused on
      mixed-signal products", he could stop the call right there
      because all his listeners would be calling their brokers
      to buy stock.