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  • amp_gain amp_gain Nov 22, 2000 1:45 PM Flag

    Tell you why the dump

    1. Management Team
    I believe everybody here
    has already gotten some news regarding it.
    Maketing Strategy
    I am seriously doubting its marketing
    3, New Product??
    The big boys have far more juice
    in mixed signal development.
    I posted before that
    xico is a trading stock. It will survive on the crumbs
    of the real players.

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    • You are right. In a rare forecast (excepting the
      ones that earned me Marylnd Blue Crabs) I had the
      stock at aobut $8.5 by now....kind of like the skier
      who notices that the slopes are in great shape and
      overlooks the avalanche in progress...

      "uppper management,"....NO ONE is there. I would have
      thought that after all this stock has been through that
      the Board and Upper management would have
      orchestrated a powerful "NEW BEGINING" strategy for
      introducing changes at the top. I would have coupled it with
      a restatement of core initiatives, personnel
      changes, cost-saving measures and a host of other actions
      pointed at the investment community desperately needing a
      reason to put Xicor back on their radar screen.
      can assure you they still do not give a CRAP about
      Xicor... as is evidenced by activity I am sure
      patientgambler can verify).

      BTW Butch, has your sidekick
      Sundance (aka the Late RV) calculated how our EPS might
      improve through saving on COSTS. Does Lou know how to do
      that? Does Gerry?

      Dh: All kidding aside, I hope
      you and your family have a safe and tasty


    • Although, I am not the coveted XM, I did note
      your accurate forecast of Labview...the advanced info.
      was appreciated, but as I have mentioned to you
      before, it was not information that would prompt one to
      execute a trade...Your connections are appreciated, your
      advanced information is noteworthy, but not prophetic as
      far as the stock price goes....

      I would
      appreciate your take on how the uppper management at Xicor
      views the recent changes at the top...


    • In this holiday season I would like to make some
      observations regarding XDOG

      It is great that we have a
      new CEO with MSP experience and a new Chairman of the
      Board. I trust that Bruce will have some position with
      the company since he was the one who stirred things
      up & got us to price levels we hadn't seen in a

      This company is now positioned so that ANY growth will
      ultimately be recognized & the stock can explode (again).

      Patience is required. You might look back in 6 months and
      see that this was a great buying opportunity

    • Hey everybody,

      Have a great Thanksgiving!!

      Our day will come (again).


    • Sounds like you ought to sell and buy into some
      of the big boys with juice so you can sleep nights.
      I'll stand by my posting a couple of weeks ago. Now is
      the time to be building a stake - not selling out.