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  • cow4rye cow4rye Aug 21, 2005 3:00 PM Flag

    Gun Show in Houston!

    That is good news. I must move where you live since there is obviously no violent crime. Unfortunately that utopian situation does not exist where I reside, however the good news is that crime rates are down in our state since the enactment of a right to carry law. In contrast, in Australia where the government spent millions of dollars to confiscate and destroy all privately owned firearms, the rate of VIOLENT crimes has trippled. However I would not expect a liberal to let facts get in the way of an emotional :spin".

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    • <<the rate of VIOLENT crimes has trippled(sic).>>

      Does that include crimes against the dictionary?

    • Come on. You're making entirely too much sense. You're taking all the fun out of this. Don't you know better than to bother liberals with facts? Something like Washington DC with the most restrictive gun laws in the country has the highest rate of crime in the country would be too much for a liberal to cope with. Gordo's friends in California are about to ban new guns and ammo. That'll show 'em! Gordo and I are glad I don't live in California. He thinks all Texans suck. I agree. Hope he stays in California.


    • <That is good news. I must move where you live since there is obviously no violent crime.>

      C'mon down, it's Key West, Fla.
      Check the records for violent crimes here.
      The closest thing you will get to a crime here is missing a Jimmy Buffet concert.

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