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  • hecla40coming hecla40coming Nov 18, 2011 3:14 PM Flag

    5 Big Reasons to Get out of this Market >>

    Yahoo main page copied me
    Smart minds think alike lol

    5 Big Reasons to Get out of this Market >>
    It looks li ke MF global thousands of cus tomers to get only 60 cents on the dollar denis Kusinch CNBC this am...

    There are 5 big reasons why this market is so d ang erous at this time imo:

    1. Warren Buffo on has shot his load so to sepak buying 27 billion in mos tly dow stocks to pr op the mar ket while the volume was low he is tapped out or nearly tapped out now !

    2. Jon Corzines MF global locked th ousands of accounts people are sta rting to think their money may not really be there especially those who have th eir accounts in banks that are teetering on Banktupcy like Merril (BAC)
    Citi 2.50/share before 10 to 1 reverse split, morgan stanley and jeffries (JEF) look I dare you even goldman
    look at where these stocks are now trading vs their 52 week highs..

    3. Due to occupy wall st combined with questionable positive news the fed **CANNOT** BAILOUT A BANK NOW (OR INSURANCE COMPANY ALA AIG) and how many more MF globals are out there ???

    4. Europe on Huge austerity plan to cut back on spending...

    5. S&P broke critical key support levels yesterday !!@

    So I predict huge bear market starting now !!!!!
    You could get out and keep most of gains
    Most won't list en to what I am saying having forgot when MMM was 68... but all will remember I told you this !!
    You were given a gift but not smart enough to know it......
    will you be snookered ?

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