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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig May 20, 2012 4:48 PM Flag

    Sales of 3M Rival, DuPont, Will DECLINE in 2012

    Dumping DuPont Paints Sends 2012 Sales Southward, Year Over Year


    Good Evening, Bonsoir, Guten Abend, Buona Sera,

    Readers, we always get a charge out of the sappy cheerleading that goes on 24/7 at the DuPont Webbed-Site. We spotted a colour photograph of DuPont Chieftess Ellen J. Kullman from 15 years ago, a perky blonde with absolutely not a single wrinkle. (Such comical vanity and dishonesty). Next we took a look at Ms. Kullman's propaganda under Investors Relations:

    “DuPont is uniquely positioned for significant top-line growth and value creation. Through our market-driven science, we collaborate with customers, business partners, government and public-private partnerships to tackle big global challenges that offer meaningful financial opportunities.”


    If Ms. Kullman is successful in dumping DuPont Performance Coatings which she has already thoroughly degraded and demoralised, she will be effectively lopping off at least $4 billion or more in annual sales.

    Last year, 2011, DuPont sales were $38 billion.

    This year, 2012, DuPont sales are projected at $41 billion per analysts' consensus estimates.

    Subtract $4 billion from $41 billion, leaves $37 billion. DuPont continues to SHRINK meeting the glorious vision of Ms. Kullman and her mentor and bumbling über boss of yesteryear, Chad Holliday.

    Like practically everything in this decaying chemical conglomerate, "top-line growth" is a fake.

    Merely THE WEAK IN REVEIW digitally penned by one individual investor and long-time student of DuPont in decline...funfun..

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