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  • waytoogoodforwords waytoogoodforwords Mar 27, 2013 8:53 AM Flag

    Sun Link needs to learn how to's the offer

    Everybody who wants out gets $2.50 per share. Period. Until then I will continue purchasing under 100 share lots on all my accounts. I encourage others here to do the same.

    We're in control of SSY, not the board members. The delay is caused by their refusal to listen and understand.

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    • not sure that works...its who owns less than 100 shares total...not if you buy in blocks of 100.

    • Can anyone explain to me how a reverse split (whose possibility was mentioned in today's PR) would accomplish their stated objective to decrease the number of owners to less than 300? Yet another stupid statement by the management clowns.

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      • oblio0710 Mar 28, 2013 5:48 AM Flag

        a reverse split would create owners of less than 1 share...then all owners of less than 1 share would be automatically cashed out at market value...thereby reducing the # of shareholders

        Sentiment: Hold

      • I think there were competing thoughts in that one statement, poorly expressed. Obviously, a reverse split would do nothing to reduce the number of shareholders. Maybe they have a concern with being delisted, due to the low PPS? A higher PPS might look better to better potential investors or partners? I agree with the intial post. I've been in this stock for several years, at different price levels. If they want to buy me out, it will have to be in the $2- $2.50 range. I still think these guys are trying to position themselves for a lucrative payday on a private sale.

    • From Russia with Love? Does anybody know if Vadim and Joann Mostovoy still own 3.88% of the common. I personally believe this stock is being manipulated by a few so as to force non-insiders shareholders to sell out. This should be investigated. The number of buys and sells trades would indicate there's many more shareholders of record - plus the swings on Bid and Ask is questionable...

      I may add to my position just for Thornton :-) Diamonds r 4Ever...

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